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  1. mine would be hermione because shes total badass ! girl power!!
  2. Hermione. shes a total badass witch (in a good way) and she's just literally and totally overall awesome!! wow i just realized i just commented on this already awhile backkk. lol oopsies...
  3. omggggg no one is here is on chat, replying and commenting on any of the topics and starting new topics. come one people!!! are you guyzzz alive??? come back. this site needs some loving and LIFE!!! seriously!!!! chat members please come backkkk!!!
  4. please comment on this video! trust me youre gunna like it. just give a shot and look at it!! plzz
  5. why arent ppl online to comment on this amazing video!?
  6. hey i know that i posted this before but i thought i'd post it in the images and media section. here's a fan made video i found. its really good and hope you guys like it! ! ENJOY!!! >>>>>
  7. wow i have so many!! so many that i cant choose! if i had to choose one it would be hermione !
  8. hola mis amigos como estan? *spanish "hi my friends how you doing?"
  9. i have three. Hermione because she's a true and loyal friend and is always looking out for harry and ron and always puts her best friends before her. Sirius because he did and sacrificed so much for harry and his friends. and Dobby was the most kindest and most loyal friend to harry ron and hermione and gave up his life for harry.
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