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  1. Haha, we welcome the Yahoo bot, who found us first. I'm tired but happy.
  2. It's her signature role, no doubt about that. But as you said, this will all be over much too soon and I'm excited to see what projects she'll take on next. She'll always be "my Hermione", though. True, we never saw anyone else play that part, but I think she was an excellent choice.
  3. Yes, that's certainly true, although I'm not sure I'd place it last just because of that. I love everything about Umbridge, for example. I've rarely disliked a fictional character that much and it's just epic when McGonagall or Dumbledore totally rule her rhetorically. I guess what I don't like about DH that much is that this is where all is falling apart. That's part of the story, of course, but gives it a kind of uneasy feeling. Then again, DH is where it all comes together and where it all ends. My key scene is when Neville chops off Nagini's head. The last Horcrux gone, Voldemort's a me
  4. My favourite Harry Potter book is the sixth and some people find that very odd. Maestro, for example, considers the sixth his least favourite book. I'm not quite sure why I like it most, but I suppose it's all those flashbacks and all the background story that is revealed at this point. It's also quite fascinating when Dumbledore talks about Voldemort and his motives. What do you think? What is your favourite book and why?
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