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  1. bwahahha :P :P

    I got a "Merci" box of chocolates ^.^ :D :D

  2. hell no :D I have to many embarassing pictures without ones on which I removed tags xD

  3. I hate you :D you should've send me a PM or something :D I was shocked when I saw that dazza was "viewing C'NB profile" :D I'm expecting PM about everything that happened in past few months (actually a year or so :D )

  4. I removed tags, so I added you now :D :D

  5. it's midnight here ^.^

    well, I'm removing tags from some pictures on facebook :D xD *embarassed*

  6. pika-booo ^.^ :D

    yeah, I'm bored :D

  7. pretty good :D you? :D why aren't you in bed? :D

  8. so, what did you get for st.nicholas day? :D

  9. so, what did you get for st.nicholas day? :D

  10. well, I'm glad you said hi :D so, hi back :P:D

  11. whaaaaat? :o why not? :o

    One more day to get candies and other stuff ^.^ :D

    I got a lot of them from sister and college mates xD

    How are you? :D how was at work? :P

  12. you're kidding me? :D kenny? :D <3

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