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  1. I sent an email too,I hope I'll get it,and I also hope Emma really signs that,not that is a trick or sth
  2. Yes xD,it's not like I would die,maybe end up in a hospital,but eventually I would get out and meet Emma ahhah xD Would you eat cow's poop to meet Emma? LOL
  3. That's why I wanted to ask you,I don't see Emma as a girls who likes that lifestyle,and I'm glad!
  4. 1. Hermione (Jade) 2. Sammy 3. BoMa 4. Flying Kiwi 5. Swarley 6. Yes 7. Emmazing French 8. ..::blueangel0::.. 9. Valjakica
  5. Do you think Emma hangs out with other celebrites? We have seen her with George Craig,and Daniel and Rupert(of course xD),but do you think she has any other celebrity friends,because I don't see her in that lets say group of people enjoying being famous...?
  6. LOL I would even though I would lose Would you do bungee jumping to meet her?
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