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  1. Estoy re cansado amigo - I´m very tired man in Spanish
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    Golden Retriever
  3. I would even it was an african cougar Would you spend all your money you´ve saved to meet Emma? Let´s say 50.000 U$U??
  4. I think that just to see what she´s writing or thinking is incredible
  5. No doubt! I hoped to become in a Public Account but right ow I´m grading Higher technical Business Adm., so I´ll certainly become in a WOLF to meet Emma sometime
  6. I´m Argentine. I think American acent is like Argentine´s acent. For those who doesn´t know we not speak like Spain, Mexico or even Latin America, everybody get shock when listen a Argentine speak, especially yankees because our acent is unique and very different from others. The American acent as Argentine acent are "language" themselves because they not response to British language or Spanish language. When I listen a yankee to talk it´s fluid, "street" and soft on the contrary when I listen a british to talk it´s closed and strong. I prefer listening brithish at the school but a
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    I love English language !
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