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  1. I love this dress more than the white one on the red carpet. This dress is more fresh and daring, and not everyone can wear such a weird color but Emma did it so well
  2. TA. This joke is more stabbing at Zac than Emma. Chelsea's satirizing Zac is too feminine in his new hairstyle. I don't think she's mean to Emma.
  3. I like almost all pics Logan has posted. The interaction and caring between the young cast is such amazing. I hope they can totally bring it to the screen then the movie will be fantastic! Love Emma's pic. Her baby-like eyes are so beautiful here.
  4. Chobsky's description of the tunnel scene really makes me excited. I love this scene in the book, it's adventruous and beautiful. Do hope that they're making it right Chobsky should give Emma credit as excecutive producer since it's her to get the money for filming lol. It shows not only Emma's passion about this project but also her hotness in nowadays Hollywood. Two things combined, I bet she will have a bright future as an actress and a movie star
  5. I like this one most. Emma is a real natural beauty
  6. She may consider film or fashion as her new major IMO. I think the reason of transferring is more about flexibility. Read from somewhere that NYU provides more flexible classes comparing to Ivy League schools so maybe she's considering it.
  7. Washiongton Post also reported. http://www.washingtonpost.com/entertainment/potter-star-emma-watson-to-transfer-from-brown-to-another-college-_-denies-reports-of-bullying/2011/04/23/AFXLGyUE_story.html Vanessa is Emma's rep. Washiongton Post is one of the most credible newspaper in US. I don't think they will intentionally lie to readers.
  8. But then there will be rumors all over the world, i don't think she would like it. Now I'm more concerned about which school she will be transfering to. This info seems quite believable since it's from Emma's rep per E!News.
  9. LOL when I first read this report, I thought that you may will be very happy about it. Hope you're lucky to meet Emma if she does tranfer to NYU I think Dan will be back to UK when his play ends, won't he? Emma will move to NY this fall if the report is true so I don't think they will stay in the same palce for a long time. Personally I think she will buy or lease an apartment herself if she does move to NY. Staying in dorms is not convenient since her main purpose is getting more flexible schedules.
  10. Emma's rep has denied this rumor officially based on E!News report. I made a new topic about it since there's another big news they revealed:)
  11. http://www.eonline.com/uberblog/b237891_true_false_did_emma_watson_get_bullied.html Based on E!Online's report, Emma's rep clearly denied "Bullied" rumor. But they revealed another quite big news. Though Emma's rep didn't say which uni Emma will be transfering to, E!Online guess she will move to NYC. Thus there's NYU or Columbia. I remember there were some tweets said she toured at NYU back in February. So I'm inclined to believe it personally. Whatever, we will wait Emma's own confirmation.
  12. Emma denied this "ten points" rumor in her "10 Questions for Emma Watson" interview by Time Mag during DH1 promotion time last year. This article is based on a total falsity
  13. I don't think this film will be released in cinema earlier than november since it's aimed at next year's Oscar.
  14. Sam is a small role? Is it the same book we read? LOL She and Patrick are like Hermione and Ron in HP series. It's certainly not small role by any means. Actually Sam is the female lead in Perks. According to latest Production Weekly, the actors confirmed are, Emma Watson - Logan Lerman - Mae Whitman - Paul Rudd - Nina Dobrev. Mae Whitman will play Mary Elizabeth, Charlie's first gf and Sam's best freind. Nina Dobrev will play Candace, Charlie's sister. Don't know which role Paul Rudd will play, I guess it will be Bill, Chaelie's English teacher. Still no news on Patrick and Craig(Sa
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