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  1. i am ready to come back on and start on this accotun again :) very sooon I hope i might be able to reactive my account but i doudt it

  2. I hope everyoines doing good <3 have a good one <3 keep on Chooing lol

  3. Just dropping by to say Hi! I hope all is going well with you hun.. :)!!

    i know i havent been around as much :/ or anything.. but I hope your doing good :)

  4. haha she loves it her fave season is 8 b.c all of teh mystery with Clay and Quinn and how quin killed that kady lol that was great <3

  5. U got my grandma hooked haha we watched season 8 all in 1 and half days lol!!

  6. hey you just wanted to stop by and say hey girl (: i hope all is well with u love ya girl (:

  7. have a good almost weekend jon jon (:

  8. okay auntie i just wanted u to know i really love u (: ur awesome and im so happy u like one tree hill same as i do one tree hills my addction i love u auntie

  9. awesome glad to hear :)

  10. i am ok and urslef sorry i dont get on the forums very often

  11. happy birthday Kim <3 love you girl <3

  12. its those simple things in life that make you who you are. so just be yourself and don't let anyone make you change ♥

  13. Be strong now cause things will get get better. It may be storming now but it can't rain forever.

  14. DON'T let the thoughts that come from your mind get in the way of the feelings that come from your heart.

  15. Life's a piano. White keys represent happiness & the black keys represent sadness. As life goes on you realize the black keys make music too.

    1. Arie


      I love this!

  16. oh my gosh i like your name lol i though you were a newbie at first i was like who is this newbie but then i was oh it is Kellen lol.. love you girl <3

  17. awwwh thanks tara i hope u had good holidays as well.the year isnt the best but same goes for u (:

  18. Good I am glad I was really Hoping i still was :(:)

  19. well I know snooki and Mike make more money then they rest of them do OH yeah i seen this!! I like her that way as well!! but she looks pretty and better that way in my option

  20. hahah i am a little slow lol when it comes to common sense sometimes i like anything but seafoood i am a big meat eater that and i love furit

  21. i know lol im eating a chicken sandwich mmmmmm chicken the best meat ever that n grilled steak..does greece have any culture foods like there own food?

  22. everybody eats spiders lol someone told me about everyyear about 3 to 4 spiders go in ur mouth while ur sleeping sounds sooo nasty yuckkkkyyyy

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