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  1. All I would wish for in regards to this topic is that those silly rumours linking Emma with Prince Harry be total rubbish. Which they surely are. I cannot fathom her taking the Grace Kelly route and stop making movies. No Queen Kelsea or singing in La La Land or Beauty and the Beast would be heartbreaking for the fans...Sorry, Harry but please look elsewhere...
  2. I just heard about this brave young man who recently passed away from cancer. Here is his beautiful and inspiring song, "Clouds", written after he was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma when he was fourteen.
  3. Perks now available for download on Amazon and iTunes...Got mine...yes!!
  4. Here's my new favorite Emma gif blowing a kiss... Anyone know it's origin? From time of Perks maybe?
  5. Personally, I would love to see Emma in a Star Wars movie. In my opinion if she took any part it would probably not involve a recurring character, if her comments about not getting involved with large multi-movie franchises anytime soon have any credibility...
  6. Does anyone know what's up with Emma's website? Been getting the following since yesterday: "Page could not be loaded The link you specified does not work. This may either be the result of temporary maintenance or an incorrect link." I thought it might be my computer, but getting the same error from other places too. ???
  7. I am very excited for this movie. I think Emma did a very nice job with the accent. It is her first try at that sort of thing. I am definitely going to see the movie in Sept. ba
  8. Looks like David is out... http://www.empireonline.com/news/story.asp?NID=33953 Sounds like the status of the project is unclear...
  9. Any word on an actual release date? I haven't seen a thing...
  10. Anybody else getting an application error message when trying to connect to Emma's official page?
  11. Guillermo confirms he wants Emma for Beauty http://watsonuncensored.blogspot.com/2011/08/guillermo-think-emma-watson-is-perfect.html thanks to watsonuncensored.blogspot.com
  12. It appears the photo of Emma and Logan in the bookstore was taken by this fan in Pittsburgh where they are filming "Perks" and posted on her tumblr site. http://carolineraer.tumblr.com/
  13. Do you know what's really shocking and disgusting? Just go to ebay and type in Emma Watson and see how many fake nudes come up for sale. Seems like her reps would be all over this.
  14. Does anyone know anything else about this rumour? Hopefully that's all it is... http://www.golocalprov.com/lifestyle/seen-1-26/
  15. I wonder if Emma was a "Junior Birdman" as a child. She's got the forming of the goggles down pat... "Up in the air, Junior Bird Man! Up in the air, upside down! Up in the air, Junior Bird Man! Keep your noses off the ground!" That's all I can remember.... ba
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