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  1. LOL why can't she just wear some black jeans or cargo pants with that outfit? Fashion victims.... ....
  2. Must have been Emma (Emmy Wemmy) and Tom...feels like an eternity ago!
  3. ^ Yeah, she doesn't look like she no longer notices the cameras...I like some of the intense expressions there though, esp in the second pic.
  4. Uhmmm....no, I'm not. I'm a psycho just like slave and carinthia, just with a little more restraint and self-reflection I guess....
  5. Yeah and since we here are not really interested in her but have plenty of ppl around who have her number we tell just about everyone who asks about it....seriously slave, anyone who could answer your question is someone who does not need to spend time on a fansite cuz he knows the real thing.
  6. LOL Maybe she should be in a StarWars movie...
  7. Lol ppl who knows what policy Disney might have a few years from now regarding StarWars...do we even know if it has to be "episode VII" ? Isn't there lots of materiel preceding episode I? Like thousands of interesting years of jedi/sith conflict?
  8. Lol...yeah but that would be a long story ( ) cut short.....and who wants that?!?
  9. Dredd 3D ..... Warning: Not for the faint-hearted!!! .......
  10. Aww plz noo....there must be some tight black leather outfit that i can help her take off....
  11. Wondering if there's an entire outfit to go with it behind those roses
  12. LOL If that means she'd run around swinging a lightsaber, i'm all for it...
  13. Shame & Damnation on Lancome for covering her freckles !
  14. Well I don't see Emma supporting a guy like Romney and his many funny friends with even funnier views, so that leaves little choice...
  15. Impressive...nice makeup You got some more from that day?
  16. 130671


    Sounds familiar somehow...I quit but I feel like you only ever exchange one bad habit for another....
  17. I hope you'll have lots of fun moments! And really nice picture!
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