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  1. nice new pic!

  2. Aw never mind *hug*

  3. Lol...so I came and went into chat....but no emzer... :D

  4. Hmmm.....Phoenix, Arizona?

  5. :) thx for singing for me
  6. Yeah well, I'm just that special kind of guy you know?...... :D

  7. Nina! long time no see!


  9. thx and i hope you have fun with your pc running again!

  10. aw sorry, u were gone before i saw it

  11. it was quiet and uneventful....just what doctors prescribe for old men lol!

  12. FusRohDah to u too lol! never mind!


  13. oh no....u'll be there...and ur gonna get small horns and a tail for sure!

  14. I'll see u there when i arrive :P

  15. :D yeah sometimes i am
  16. aw no, not tonight

  17. hey jen....*hug*

  18. i'm back in now but i have to go to sleep soon... :|

  19. well no chat anymore tonight it seems

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