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  1. Happy birthday baby boi hope you have a wonderful day! Love mama xxxx
  2. Thanks everyone for the wonderful wishes xxx
  3. Best wishes and happy birthday to you Luciana hope you have a wonderful day and get what you wish for. You are one of two that made me join the re discussion and i thank you for that. Have a wonderful day Xxxxx
  4. My cowboy i missed your bday i was away!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!!!!! hope ya had fun ardilicious mwah happy birthday...
  5. Nice shots you defo have an eye for photography.
  6. Mine means fair or white ghost comes from the name Guinevere king arthurs wife. Pretty sure its a cornish name. Suits me as im not the most tanned person in the world lol
  7. Nice video miss we can always rely on you to remind us of how great they are together. Not that we forget ofc but little gems like that give us a little positive reinforcement Hopefully we will get something new soon.... Maybe kris is right the baftas !!!!
  8. i missed it too happy belated birthday jon! Hope you had a good one and had loads of fun.
  9. Ha ha Kris your crazy miss but i will agree that i am the same until i see a ring... Its very telling that she can be seen in public with Dan and not Rupes. It shouldnt bother her to the extent at which it does. We see her out and about with diff guys and people all the time... Dee i read that too somewhere i couldnt believe she was so openly jealous lol. Hope you feel better soon Kris. Tick tock we cant stop she doesnt have her rock :ohyeah:
  10. Happy new year hope you all had a good one... This could be our year
  11. Happy new year everyone hope it was good for you all whatever you were at. Loved the fireworks choo choo was a good show i must catch up on the rest now.
  12. ha ha love mr evans he sweats like mad though doesnt he? he is hilarious love the skits about his wife etc
  13. Just wanted to wish a very smart talented funny young man a wonderful birthday. Hope you have a great day Hubba! Hope you get what you wanted and have a lovely day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WHOOP! :ohyeah:
  14. Hey girlies i voted like a million times and they are still ahead but im still voting
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