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  1. I hope things went well today!

  2. Ninaaaa where are you???

  3. yo nina !

  4. I'm here! Phew...you hadn't been on site for days so I was worried... *hug*

  5. Don't get mad at me, I'm just joking, ok?

  6. just taking a quick look before bedtime...xo

  7. you're back ! *hug*

  8. My turn to say I miss you :(

  9. Hey long time no see :P

  10. Long time no see again lol...

  11. Happy bday!

  12. I missed you yesterday by a few minutes :( ....hope you enjoyed HP !

  13. Guess I was bad Chris again for not coming to chat .... :(

  14. Gotta get some dinner first though....

  15. Hey good to see you back again here! I hope you have been doing well. :)

  16. Eeemmmmyyyyy!

  17. Damn I should have come on earlier

  18. Wow hello Ingrid....how have you been?

  19. LMAO I watched the parade today and they said aerial displays had been cut down by 12 %......I guess someone in the ministry of defense got it wrong, cuz when the planes came to paint the tricolore into the sky, there were only two ! :D The colour white wasn't used this year ! XD

  20. You have been gone for a long time now....still I want to wish you a happy 21st birthday, no matter when you read this :) ! I hope you have been doing well in the meantime.....and I hope for some news sometime !

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