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  1. And you also get....a happy new year's hug! :P

  2. And a happy new year too! :)

  3. aww you beat me to new years wishes! happy new year! upgrade lol? I'm a vision of perfection already....if I were to upgrade, it would just drive everybody else to despair! :D

  4. lol you mf, I hope the tiger gets you...happy 2013!

  5. A happy new year to you, former bad girl!

  6. Happy new year emmy! xo!

  7. And last but not least (sending out best wishes for xmas today) , merry xmas to Loopy !

    Hope you had a nice one !

  8. Merry Christmas compressor ! :)

  9. Now I'm really not sure if you deserve this but anyways....merry xmas to you!

  10. Merry xmas to my beutiful and busy e-wife! :D

  11. Merry Christmas to you and Emma!

  12. Merry Christmas to you Emma!

  13. Very diplomatic ! :P

  14. You are usually quite happy to see pics of Jeremy, so I thought these were no exception.

  15. Since your Message folder seems to be full and I can't send you a big one...


  16. well good luck to you with all things in the future :)

  17. Congrats! Tho it feels like you have toned yourself down so you can compete with the mainstream...but a win is a win!

  18. Sometimes I think you're surfing here invisibly :)

  19. Hi! How have you been?

    1. Zainab


      after 2 years, great xD

  20. Rawr! I missed you by seconds!

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