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  1. Hope you have a nice day

  2. You think Irene is also coming to Philadelphia? Or is it too far inland?

  3. So it did come to Philly...

  4. There you are again! Well hi...and hope you're doing well!

  5. JEN JEN...plz come baaaack....I'm really begging you, ya know?

  6. Oh, not bad...though work is a drag mostly.

  7. Glad you're ok....but no electricity must have been a p*** ** *** **s!

    Well, good to have you back here! And it really felt like a looong time!


  8. What is a BS detector?

  9. Not much i fear....work is tough right now...

  10. Heey....nice to see you again.

  11. Aww....well it was more quiet than awesome.

    But I sure hope you had lots of fun to take your mind off other things ;) !

  12. want to come to the chat?

  13. you must be very busy... :)

  14. lol...show me ;P

  15. ur fan is back lol

  16. :)


    Hope you have a nice evening...it's 11 p.m. here and tomorrow's a new week...

  17. hey you can't just leave like that! grrr....


    Nice to see u again! Hope ur doing well!

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