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  1. Unreal, if you meant myself I never said what I symphathize Osama, I just don't 100%ly believe what he've been murdered. And if he was and all this true it have been done in inapropriate way. That's all what I said. Yes, he deserved to go through the pain (if everyhting what have been said about him is true), but being killed by the bullit it isn't as much painfull as you may think. If he'd have been taken alive and then tortured to give information about his organization then, maybe it would be even more fair from your point of view. (Ups, sorry, now I see what you told it to Reznov, but I t
  2. That's funny Stay in my pants
  3. Ok I see you have different kind of soldiers for killing and for arrest. Hope I'm not right. They could throw gass there or whatever. What if he held some hostages? I just glad what they didn't killed any kid. At the end we can only guess now what surely have heppened there, although Obama watched everything and surely there are some vids. Why they wouldn't uncover it if everything was clear? "it's not like we pushed her against the wall executed her" sorry, but after all what I've heard I imagining it like that.. Maybe your army standards is higher technically or whatsoever, but I do beli
  4. He was identify after his death, I mean what they may killed civilians as easely as they shot himself (if they shot). I just impressed by that easiness by which your "elite" soldiers kills people. That would be Ok if they'd be armed, but what (and I mean WHAAAAAAAT!!!!) may did unarmed woman to your elite soldiers? Do they know such a thing like handcuffs? They came to another countrie, killed unarmed people and they proud of that... What the hell is happens with the west? You trust your government like you even don't trust your mother. Hope someday life will teach you like it taught myself -
  5. Maybe, but still no proofs.. And Obama regret to show photo. Such a strange thing to me... Night
  6. If they (USA gov.) didn't hang on him some cases (like it's doing our cops very oftenly) and he is really've been killed then yes it is so. The point is how he have been killed. I really don't like it... I would prefer to see him on the electric chair I'm sure they would find the way to knock out from him some information. And they could wear him into straightjacket to do not let him suicide. I don't think what al-Qaeda would do such a thing, I can't imagine that - terroristic group come to another country and attack American jail. Such a thing can be only in movie I guess....
  7. He wouldn't be able to make any more act IN JAIL. I'm sure America have resources to hold one man in jail and not let him break out... Yep, in jail )
  8. Its always saying... And saying and saying and saying...
  9. Me to too scared to go at Sochi 2014, coz it's too close to Georgia and they may do something and I almost sure what they will. Becouse of some mistical hard drive? I wouldn't be so sure Erm, and so what? American jail couldn't hold him there,coz of this? Ok, they are good if his realy so bad, but they made bad thing to themself - how many information he could give if he was alive?
  10. Sure now will be much more attacks in the rivenge of all this..
  11. Although I even do not believe even in what they found him. American government is the last government on that Earth in which words I would believe. And I didn't seen anything exapt words in it. Even the members of his family. Why they didn't show them? I really would like to see their interviews. "He was wanted dead" - that's sound like old western movies with cowboys killing for money. Are we still living in such a barbarian days? I don't think what in USA so bad jails that he could've been escaped...
  12. And I blame government, not the soldires or whatsover.
  13. And what if it was not him? And DNA test would say what he only looked alike?
  14. I think it's violation of humans rights. Whoever he was he still should've been taken to the court.
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