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  2. Volleyball, in my opinion, is the most fun sport to play. I didn't even plan on playing until my freshman year of highschool and I showed up to the last non-mandatory team practice because one of my friends convinced me to. I found out that I was pretty good at it and one year later, after my sophmore season, I'm being recruited by Stevenson University and with other college coaches telling me that they are going to watch my progress! Anyone else here play or watch volleyball??
  3. Well, you'll never know until you do it, right?
  4. So I don't know if anyone here has ever heard of the band Passion Pit, because they're never on the radio or anything. But anyway, their music is kinda, well, weird....but in a good way!They're pretty unique because it's all digital music except for live drums. If you haven't heard them before, here's one of their older songs: http://youtu.be/ScC_pi3PJ9k And then the guy changed his voice for their new album: http://youtu.be/dZX6Q-Bj_xg
  5. You're missing the best parts.....the music videos! http://youtu.be/mLqHDhF-O28 http://youtu.be/4Kvd-uquuhI
  6. hahaha Would you give up whatever your favorite item/activity to meet Emma?
  7. no Walking in Memphis-Mark Cohn
  8. I honestly dont know what i would do if they broke up. At least 75% of the songs on my ipod are 30STM
  9. I can't believe there isn't a topic for them! In my opinion, this band is truly amazing and all of their songs have some kind of message in them. There are rumors going around that they're gonna break up but in every interview I've seen or read from them about the situation, it just sounds like they'r taking a break. Here's a clip from an interview with MTV Canada
  10. I was only in pre-school but i remember everything. When it happened, the teachers were crying and locking windows up because the area that I live in (in Pennsylvania) was under terroristic threat. Although I was only about 5, I was never so scared in my life. People say that war is unnecessary.....9/11 is exactley why it's not.
  11. I'm another one who's not for it or against it. Being a Christian I do think it's wrong but I won't exclude anyone or treat them any differently just because they're gay. But you wouldn't see me supporting gay pride or anything.
  12. I believe when your in Heaven, you don't need any material thing because your in the presence of God. But I think hell pretty much you constantley being disappointed in yourself because you aren't good enough to be in Heaven. (This is all from a Christian point of view)
  13. no Walkin In Memphis-Steve Cohn
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