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  1. Daniel Radcliffe is in Munich, Germany right now to do promotion for the Woman In Black! Found some new videos, but I'm not sure you will be able to watch them outside of Germany. The ZDF-one probably not. http://www.br.de/fernsehen/bayerisches-fernsehen/sendungen/schwaben-und-altbayern-aktuell/Daniel-Radcliffe-muenchen100.html http://www.zdf.de/ZDFmediathek/beitrag/video/1547500/Daniel-Radcliffe-in-Muenchen?bc=sts;suc#/beitrag/video/1547500/Daniel-Radcliffe-in-Muenchen
  2. Hi! Welcome to the forums. The link above doesn't work. I know it's a pain to have lots of handwritten question forms because it's much more work in evaluation, but maybe you should go for it and put the questions here. I guess the partitipation would be much higher.
  3. All 7 books in German and English Book 1 in Italian Quidditch Through the Ages in German and English Fantastic Beasts and where to find them in German and English Tales of Beedle the Bard DVDs (2-disk edition) of films 1-6 BluRay of film 7.1 BluRay Ultimate Editions of films 1-6 The soundtracks of films 1-4 DVDs I burned myself after recording several specials that were on German TV One documentary that was being sold on DVD, which wasn't really good - got it as a present and it's one of those they cheeply produce and sell via Amazon HP Film Wizardry HP Page to Screen Several books about HP th
  4. I received the book yesterday. It's GREAT! A tome, actually. I's far heavier than the biggest of the HP books.
  5. Love this look! It's more like the one she had a lot about three years ago, which I loved and missed a little. Maybe it has something to do with her hair being quite a bit longer again.
  6. I did the challange on day 1, my email arrived Thursday a week ago. I heard the day you finished the challange doesn't influence the order in which you will get in. I checked forums and twitter like a madwoman before my email arrived, and people who did the challange on day 6 got in before me if they told the truth. I'm feeling very sorry for anyone who is feeling the bad effects of this. Maybe they did it because of all the complaints from the USA, who were agiated when the first challenges opened add odd times in their time zone? One fact might cheer you up a little bit: Even when you are
  7. I think it's quite early - in Germany we don't start until mid/late October. I'd really prefer the system of the USA, because you will be done with your exams before christmas. We have them (plus deadlines for papers) in February, which makes us use christmas break for cramming. Getting off topic here...
  8. No, never. In fact, I'm attending to my duties even when I'm feeling slightly under the weather (though not when I'm really ill).
  9. Well, this story originates from the Sun, and the "source" is a friend. I VERY much doubt it is true. Honestly, if you were going to propose, who would you talk to about it before doing so? Maybe your parents and one or two of your closest friends? I doubt Daniel would promote this among many people, and I also doubt his best friends would call the Sun about it right away. Conclusion: Huge "DOUBT" stamp all over it .
  10. Everybody: chill! Try not to work yourself up, because everything will work out for you in the end. Trust me, I consider myself a professional at this, because I've been through this twice. I got my bachelor at one university and am now enrolled at another university to work on my master. There will be quite a lot of chaos during the first days, but that's what university is like. I've been there for four years, and I still get confused with how things work at times. The bright side is: nobody cares, because they all face the same problems. And this includes staff members and professors,
  11. Haha, I just got my welcome mail! It said: Sadly this doesn't give me any access right now, but it's a start. I think it might also mean not everybody who registered will get early access. Why would they send out these mails otherwise? The confirmation mail said they would only give early access to a selected number of people, so I should answer quickly. I did within the first 12 hours after the first clue was up. This is just some information so we can work out the rules together. I wish you good luck with your selections!
  12. The German school system is facing several reforms right now, so I'm not sure if my information are totally correct, but I will try. We don't learn a foreign language until entering secondary school (which is on from the 5th grade at the age of about 10). Most schools start with English. At the beginning of 7th grade we get to learn another language. French is the most common, and if you are enrolled in a grammar school, you usually have a choice between French and Latin. If your school is close to the border to another country, that language is often offered as well (e.g. if you live in t
  13. Well, I guess he still likes his sweets and good home cooking . People who could eat anything during their childhood and adolescence without gaining any weight tend to do so later in life if they don't change their nutrition.
  14. That's right. Voldemort basically killed part of his own soul when hurling the spell at Harry. I think part of the reason why Harry didn't die might be that the elderwand didn't work perfectly for Voldemort and because it was bound to Harry (Draco Malfoy got the power over it from Dumbledore when using Expelliarmus, and Harry disarmed Draco later on in Malfoy Manor, even if he didn't carry the wand then). Maybe they had to physically destroy the locket etc. because they were mere objects, while Harry is a human with not only Voldemorts, but also his own soul inside of him? To be honest, I do
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