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What's the deal with brightly colored calipers? I've seen this on some sports cars and performance cars lately. Is that the new cool thing?


It might be the new thing... *shrug* I haven't seen them more often on cars till about 2005 or so. I do know that the Lancer Evolution always had red Brembo calipers since the VII but the Subaru STI had it's trademark on the gold wheels.

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BMW has been my fav ever since I was a kid and I'm fortunate enough to own one of em! Looks amazing and it's pure performance...every single model.Other than the beemer,my dream car is this one:





How sweet is that car? Would love to have that SS. That thing is bad.

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^^Beautiful car. I don't know if I could narrow my dream car down to one car. I also love the Camero SS that Demian posted above. Just too many cars. I love classic muscle cars (although muscle car purists don't consider Mustangs true muscle cars).

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Currently driving this beauty! :P


2002 Acura TL of same color as below (my big brother gave it to me as a 'going away' gift :lol:)


My dream car would be the Nissan GTR 2012! I work at a Nissan dealership and we actually had one, same color. But some lucky rich dude from California bought it. Costs nearly $100,000! :sob:

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This SLS is great for drive-by shooting as proven by Jeremy Clarkson. ;)

I dont know how it drives as i havent drove one...but have listened to the engine note....damn...thats awesome...also the neat lines are attention grabbers......

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