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What have you done today?

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Woke up at like 11:30am

Lied down in the living room playing HayDay

Ate bfast

Lied down again on the sofa

My fam in law came, ran to the room changed my clothes

Greeted my fam in law

Received new things, towels, swimsuit, toothbrushes, bedsheets, new clothes but didn't like the clothes, like for old people.

Sitting with them in the living room, my hubby and his father were having a serious talk.

My mom in law and I played loud music, chevereee Mamita haha

Ate lunch

Papa gave me his phone to send record voices to his Mother on whatsapp

Chatted with Grandma with my very broken Spanish

Joked with the family

Trolled Papa

We laughed

They left, we said goodbye

My husband and I went to the room

Making a child

Took a bath

Went to the living room

Now I'm on the sofa lying down facebooking, playing HayDay and online here.. And I'm thirsty.

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So far:


Woke up

Went to meet my mom to get my sisters spare key

Drove to the college to give my sister her spare

Went to 7/11

Bought smokes and soda

Came home


Now I'm watching shark week




Returned the redbox movies

Watched more shark week

Made dinner

Watched more shark week

Bought another diet coke

Drive to work

Now I'm at work -_-

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Woke up with a hangover

Laid on my friends couch



Played on my phone

Fell asleep on my friends couch

Drove home

Made dinner

Ate dinner

Watched kutthroat kitchen

And now I'm watching chopped

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woke up.

took a bath then ate breakfast.

went online.

went to work.


off from work.

went to the mall for a few minutes.

went home.

ate nachos for dinner.

had shower.

now 3am I'm still online, will sleep in a few minutes because work at 9am.

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woke up at 2am.

took a bath.

went to the bus station at 3am with my co worker Rodolph.

bought foods around the bus station and bus ticket.

arrived at Manila around 5:30am.

had a seminar.

ate lunch.

back to seminar.

went to Mall of Asia around 3pm.

went to the bus station around 5pm.

bought bus ticket.

arrived almost 8pm at home.

cooked and ate dinner.

took a bath.

went to bed.

went online here while listening to music and eating popcorns.

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Woke up at 6am and it's brownout! <_<

ate breakfast.

took a bath.

went to the mall.

bought clothes and makeup.

ate lunch.

bought a personal refrigerator.

went to the grocery.

And now I'm on my way home and hoping there's already power. :)

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woke up late.

took a bath.

went to work.

ate heavy lunch because I'm super hungry.

went to the mall after work.

went home.

played cards with dan.

had dinner.

had shower.

lay down on my bed.

posting here.

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Went to work at 2am

Worked until 7am

Came home



Slept until 530pm


Went to red box to rent movies

Got dinner at McDonald's

Now I'm watching the amazing Spider-Man 2

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woke up.

went online.

ordered pizza.

did the laundry.

watch movies.

ate lunch.

went online.

took a nap.

waking up with dan beside me.

had dinner.

went online again.

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Smoked a cigarette

Made breakfast/coffee

Stopped by the office (my day off though)

Walked around the neighborhood

Watched Pulp Ficton while eating lunch

Went to fencing practice

Got home and finished repairing my students' fencing equipment

Cleaned my apartment

Cooked and ate dinner

Went out to my usual pub for a couple beers

(About to head home and make a second dinner. While watching Perks [first time watching])

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Woke up late for work

Bought smokes and a diet coke

Worked from 9am to 1pm

Bought school supplies

Bought a new book

Watched "holiday" the 1930s version

Cleaned the litter box

Vacuumed the house

Watched an illuminati based documentary

Now I'm on here

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woke up around 5am.

cooked and ate breakfast.

took a bath.

went to NBI around 8am to get a new clearance.

finished on NBI around 12nn.

went to KFC to have lunch.

went to work.

finished work at 9pm.

bought cheeseburgers, chicken intestines and Pepsi blue for dinner.

went home.

ate dinner.

took a shower.

and now I'm online. (Finally!)

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Woke up

Turn on the PC

Went to the bathroom

Surfed net and eating grapes

Went to the room

Played HayDay

Got up again

Went to the kitchen, ate bread with nutella and a drank glass of orange juice

Went to the room,

Chatted on whatsapp

Msgd a friend, she said come

Told my hubby, babe gonna go to a friend's house, husband said okay

Took a fast shower

Wore my clothes

Went to my friend's house, not so away, 2 streets away

Greet my friend, her mom and her sisters

She showed me her new boots

We laughed

She called her friends

We were sitting in the living room

Looking at makeups on google

Drank juice with her

We played music we danced

We ate cakes

Her friends came

Went to the park to play baseball (for fun)

Got tired

Borrowed my friend's phone to call my hubby

Speaking broken french with my friend and her friends for fun.

We laughed

Went to my friend's house

Joking with them

My hubby came

Went home

Dancing with my hubby while going upstairs, joking with him

Ate lunch

Watched TV, didn't like it

Chatted with cousins on whatsapp

I drew

Got tired

I came online here..


I talk alot. O_o xD

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Woke up (way too early... and slightly hungover)

Brewed some coffee

Went back to sleep for another hour

Showered and got ready

Walked to work (across the street)

Had lunch bought by my office

Drove to our bigger office for a training class

Drove back to my office (my car was running on fumes.... during rush hour)

Stayed an extra 2 hours to get some last minute work done

Walked home, changed into workout clothes, and ate a snack

Ran to my fencing club

Coached for the eveneing classes

Ran back to my apartment


Right now I'm drinking some coffe and surfing the interwebs while my laundry is in the wash

Probably going to go back to my apartment in a few to cook some dinner with some music on

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Woke up


Fed my kitties


Got ready for class

Ate toast

Went to 7/11 to get smokes and a diet coke

Drive to campus

Alegbra class

Hung out with my sister in the library while eating lunch and tried to do our homework

Came home

Bought diet coke

Went to get matts chech

Put gas in our car

Had McDonald's for lunch

Did my math homework

Bought another diet coke

Watched a documentary

Watch Americas got talent

Watched finding carter

Got ready for bed


Now zzzzz

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