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Congrats Kimmie!!! :D

On which day of the quill challenge did you get the clue?

The first day.


NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ah I am so jealous of you right now!! HOW IS IT???? AH I want my e-mail already!!!

Having a proper look now!! Just had to do some things first lol, I wish I could have a nicer username :(

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There's some pretty neat artwork on the website. Love it so far, although it could do with some music and sounds :yesyes:


Oooohhh my wand is perfect. Phoenix feather!


Ok I'll shush now, don't want to ruin it for anyone :ph34r:

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On which days did you guys get the quill challenge? I got it on the second day and still no email :sob:


I did the challange on day 1, my email arrived Thursday a week ago. I heard the day you finished the challange doesn't influence the order in which you will get in. I checked forums and twitter like a madwoman before my email arrived, and people who did the challange on day 6 got in before me if they told the truth. I'm feeling very sorry for anyone who is feeling the bad effects of this. Maybe they did it because of all the complaints from the USA, who were agiated when the first challenges opened add odd times in their time zone?


One fact might cheer you up a little bit: Even when you are in, you won't have "full" access to all the material. Right now only background information for the first book is up, and most of it has been reposted on SnitchSeeker (with permission from the makers of Pottermore if they are right about it).

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I got the clue on the first day I got the email saying I've been selected for early entry into Pottermore, but I still haven't got my welcome mail yet :(

I am so jealous of you guys who already have entry in! :( It sounds so amazing!

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