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The Last Night

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Okay I have been more into Harry Potter and my Manga lately than anything else. This fiction occurred to me when reading a manga called Vampire Knight. I'm on summer vacation for 17 weeks and I need something to do. I think this will just be a short fiction; I haven't really been sticking to the long one's I've started, 10 Chapters maybe?



Kaname - Sama - Karn-a-mey - Sah - mah

Yuki - Yew-key

Zero - Zee-row


His name is Kaname but he is a pureblood/royalty so in the presence of other people Sama is added.

(I would have changed the names but I think they're unique)


A lot happens in chapter one but I need to get all the background information out. :lol:


No banner because I have no photoshop.




The Last Night



I was 6 at our first meeting; I had no idea that 10 years later this is what I would become. The lover to Blood thirst. It was a dark summer’s night and I was left alone. A man was approaching me with eyes so red; he looked almost hungry for me. Moments later he was leaping for me telling me insanely I smelled 'sweet.' That's when he arrived and saved my life, Kaname. He appeared from nowhere and had effortlessly thrusted his hand through this man’s body. The man was knocked back from the force and within moments he was lying dead on the floor in front of me with a great hole through his chest. Kaname had turned to look at me as I started to cry. He told me I would be okay and that I was safe now, he took my hand and led me away. He led me away to a world full of blood thirsty beasts.




The Last Night

Night 1


I was called into the headmasters office while pro-trolling the school with Zero. The thing with me and Zero is that the headmaster adopted us as his children and we knew the secret behind this school. We were the Disciplinary Committee. Our school consisted of two classes, The Day Class and The Night Class. What the Day Class students were unaware of is that the Night Class was full of Vampires and it was mine and Zeros job to keep them in line and to make sure things ran smoothly when the Night Class came out of their dormitories. The Night Class were incredibly handsome and every student from the Day Class was obsessed.


I walked silently alongside Zero towards the headmaster’s office as Zero wasn't a very talkative person. Though I'd known him 9 years he always kept himself to himself. His past is unbearable. His parents and twin brother were murdered by a Pureblood vampire and ever since has sworn revenge on all vampires. He hates himself for what happened, for being the only one to survive. He has never spoken to me about it, the headmaster told me the day Zero came to stay with us. It was 1 year after I had been taken there and I was happy to have someone to talk to. The headmaster then adopted him into our family and ever since Zero hasn't quiet all been there in spirit.


Zero knocked on the door and the headmaster called us in. We walked up to his desk and sat down. It was so gloomy inside; he had his lights off and had evidently been called out of bed at late hours as he was still in bed clothes.

"You wanted us headmaster?" I said looking awkward.

"Yuki call me father or dad, don't call me headmaster, it’s been 10 years." He pleaded. It deeply upset him every time I called him headmaster but it was my first instincts.

"Sorry," I sighed.

"You thought you would have made it custom by now Yuki." A bold voice sounded from behind and I shot up from my seat as my heart skipped a beat.

"Kaname-Sama," I was shocked but thrilled and bowed my head. He strode over and put his arm around me and then walked off towards the headmaster’s window. I sat back down and noticed Zero's sharp frown.

"Why were we called here?" Zero sourly asked, he was annoyed and couldn’t see the point in being called here.

"Because I have something to ask you... both of you," Kaname replied and Zero turned his nose up at him, "The school may start getting dangerous guests now and I need you to be on your guard," He then looked at me, "And to stay safe."

"What sort of-" I was cut off.

"Yuki that doesn't matter," The headmaster butted in and I was taken aback. I stood up and walked outside to the corridor and was shortly followed by Zero.

"Are you okay?" Zero asked.

"I have enough secrets in my life I don't need anymore." I said and Zero slightly smiled, he knew too that I couldn’t remember the first 7 years of my life up until the point of Kaname rescuing me.

"Come on... back to duty." He pulled me off and we resumed our post.




Hours later I was back in the dormitory and at this time of night me and Zero were allowed to go and wash in the headmaster’s bathroom. I made my way there but Zero's towel was already over the handle. I lay down on the couch just down on the hallway to rest my eyes while I waited...

'I was lying on a bed in a room with no windows. I got up and looked around and noticed Kaname standing by a portrait. I walked over and looked up at the painting.

'Your parents?' I asked.

'Indeed.' He replied and turned to me with his sharp teeth showing. I worried for a moment as he took me into his embrace. He looked as though he was about to kiss me, and then he moved his head towards my neck and pierced two tiny but painful holes into my throat and drank.'


I woke up with a yell and sat up. Zero was sitting on the floor in front of me, drying his hair. I gasped in relief and Zero was shocked and put his hand on mine.

"What's wrong?" He asked but I couldn't tell him, I looked him in the eyes. He hated Kaname enough.

"I'm fine, I promise." I stood up and walked towards the bathroom without looking back. I hoped that wasn't a broken promise.

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The Last Night

Night 2


The next day went smoothly, however the night did not. I fell asleep in the last class and landed myself with after school classes and by the time I had finished that it was time for my Disciplinary Committee job. I walked reluctantly towards the Night Class dormitory gates and helped Zero to keep the girls of the Day Class back. Sometimes it was hard to do, with them shouting out names and shoving each other. Silence fell as soon as the gates opened and the Night Class emerged. I didn't really concentrate on them and neither did Zero as they walked on by.

"Good evening Yuki." Kaname said and I turned my back on my duty to look and him.

"Oh, evening Kaname Sama." I blushed.

"How was your day?" He asked and I chocked.

"It was good thank you. I hope you enjoy yours." I replied.

"I shall have a great night... thank you, Yuki." He finished and walked away and I barely had moments to breathe as the Day Class girls started shouting envy at me.

"Okay everyone back to your dormitory's now!" I shouted and none of them budged. Zero emerged from the crowed behind me.

"You heard, Go!" He shouted and everyone started heading back to their dormitory. It bothered me they listened to him and never me. Was it because I was a girl or because everyone was scared of him because he was always so negative?




It was coming towards the end of our shift and Zero had headed off to check the other side of the school before we finished properly and left our post. I was walking over the school balcony thinking about Kaname. He was tall with long light brown hair and chocolate brown eyes. His jaw line was strong and he always had a calm manor about him. Zero was the opposite. He had light blonde hair that was mistaken for white, blue eyes and a strong and pointy jaw line. Both of them were dear friends to me but also strong enemies to each other. It was hard to be around one without upsetting the other.


I was broken from my thoughts as I heard a couple a voices below me. I looked over the balcony edge to see two day class students sitting on the grass bank. I sighed and climbed down the tree in front of me to get to their level. I pushed through the bushes and demanded to know why they were there.

"Stop you two," I had startled them, "What are you doing here? You must go back to your dormitory now."

"We just wanted pictures of the Night Class for our portfolio." One girl said as the other tried to stand but whimpered in pain and fell back to the floor again. I looked at her ankle and her sock was wet with blood.

"You're bleeding! You must go back now. It's not safe." I pleaded and the girls look confused and then suddenly happy.

"Yuki," I turned to face the person whose voice it was. It was Alex and he wasn't alone, Caleb was by his side. Alex had bright blonde shaggy hair and blue eyes. Whereas Caleb had auburn ginger hair and blue eyes that were always mistaken for grey.

"Alex what are you doing here? Go back to class," I exclaimed.

"Our classes have finished for tonight. We smelled blood so we came to see whose it was." He sounded so intelligent when talking.

"There's nothing to see here, go back!" I said drawing out my staff. I heard the girls gossiping behind us about her dreamy they were. They didn’t appeal to me.

"You seem to be bleeding Yuki," Alex said and I checked where he was pointing out to and he was right. My hand at the top of my staff was bleeding. I took my hand away from the staff to see a graze in the palm of my hand. He took my hand and lifted it towards his mouth. I knew in that moment what he was about to do. "Your blood smells so good Yuki. Let me taste it, won't you?" He said pompously and without my reply he pierced his teeth into my hand and I gasped in pain. The girls squealed and while one ran away the other had passed out. It was my job to protect them and I couldn’t do anything.

"Stop, get off me... Alex get off-"

"Take your hands off her vampire." Zero never referred to them by their real name. In moments I was swung behind him and he took his protective stance in front of me bearing his gun to Alex's face.


Both me and Zero had Anti-Vampire weapons to carry on us at all times. Mine was a staff and his was the 'Bloody Rose'. A gun, the only gun that can kill a vampire in an instant, once shot at their heart.

"Please lay down that weapon Zero Kiryu. You know it's very dangerous to us Vampire's." Kaname had appeared from behind the two followed by the rest of the Night Class.

"If that beast touches Yuki again, I will pull the trigger." Zero said putting the weapon away.

"I understand your worry for Yuki, which is why I will escort the two to the headmaster myself,†Kaname promised, “Is that okay Zero?" He asked but Zero gave no response. "Are you okay Yuki?" He turned his attention to me.

"Oh, oh, I'm fine. Thank you." I replied as he took the other Vampire's away.

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Oh wow Donna, thank you so much. :D



The Last Night

Night 3


After Kaname had taken the others away I turned to Zero who was already looking at me. He had a contemplative look on his face and I wanted to ask him what was wrong.

"Thank you Zero. You've never protected me like that before." His eyes looked into mine, I hadn't realised how close he was standing. I turned my back on him and started to walk away, he most likely weren't going to reply. I heard him start walking towards me, but a lot quicker than me.

"Where are you going?" He asked worried.

"To finish our duty," I replied in a blunt tone.

"But you're bleeding; you can't finish your duty like this." I looked at my hand as he spoke, I must have grazed the palm of my hand whilst protecting the girls. Not to mention the fresh fang wounds where the blood was spilling out freely. "Go clean up and I'll finish off." He sighed and walked in the direction I had been walking. He turned back and glanced at me. "Go."


The water was relaxing my muscles as it drenched my body. I had been standing here for 20 minutes and had done nothing but think about everything that had happened. 'Why couldn't I remember my past? Why was Zero so shut off, but also so lovely at the same time, but only to me? What did Kaname have against Zero?' I was broken from my thoughts as I dropped the soap. I picked it up and turned off the shower. It was no use trying to shower when my mind wasn't in it. The wound looked clean now, so that was good enough for me. I dried myself and got into some bed clothes. It took me a while to find the hair drier, but as I started to use it, Zero had found his way into the bathroom even though I'd left my blue towel on the handle.

"Hey! I'm using this bathroom!" I shouted and he ignored me and to my shock still started stripping off. "You can't get undressed in front of a girl." He took a sideways glance at me and I frowned. "You just thought its okay because she's not a real girl, didn't you?"

"Your words not mine." He chuckled. "Besides the headmasters bathroom is the only one that's free at this time."

"My towel was on the door." I replied resuming drying my hair. I heard him breathe through his nose.

"You've stopped bleeding." He said now standing behind me holding my hand taking a better look. He was so close to me, yet I felt so comfortable. I turned sideways to look at him properly and the only thing he had left on was his trousers. He smiled down at me as he let go of my hand I turned back around and started blow drying my hair again. I heard him gasp and flee into the shower room and slam the door. I walked over to the door I could hear him gasping loudly, he sounded like he was in pain. "Zero, are you okay?"

"Go away Yuki! GO!" He made a little yelp and I panicked and ran from the bathroom. What was wrong with him?




The next day Zero wasn't in classes and it made me worry all the more. I had barely slept that night because I was worried about him. I was walking around the school hallways when Kaname appeared behind me. I turned to look at him and it felt like his eyes were burning my body.

"Are you okay, Yuki?" He asked and I was still looking at him in shock.

"I'm fine, Thank you," I smiled but his face said different, like he didn't believe me. "I'm just worried about Zero; I haven't seen him all day."

"Zero is fine." He replied making a slight hand gesture.

"Wait." I was shocked all the more now. He knew something about Zero. "You know where he is?"

"Zero is okay; in fact he's out on his duty to. I'm surprised you haven't seen him." With this being the end of the conversation, I ran off in an attempt to find Zero and ask him what was going on. I turned last minute to look back at Kaname but his face expression looked hurt, I felt bad as he looked so lonely. Was he lonely? I glanced away for a moment and he was gone. I waited for a few moments longer wondering if he had heard my thoughts or he could see what I was thinking from my face expression. I then turned away again and ran down the steps on my way back into the grounds. When I found Zero on the next floor down on the staircase.

"Zero! How are you?" He was sitting on the window sill looking into the grounds; he turned to look at me and stood up.

"I'm fine Yuki." He replied.

"Then where have you been, Zero? You weren't in classes all day, I thought you had abandoned your duty to!" I stopped talking as he looked like he was in pain again. His hand was over his face and he gasped in pain. I held his other hand in aid of comfort. "Zero, what's wrong?" He moved his hand away from his face and I took a step back in shock, but I was still holding his hand. His eyes were of the blood thirst, red. He didn't look like Zero anymore. He moved his head closer to me but I couldn't move. "Zero," I whispered scared and in that moment his hand I was holding held mine tighter. His fingers entwined in mine for better grip. I felt the tip of his tongue on the side of my neck and then a sharp pain shot through it. His fangs had pierced my throat. I felt the blood gush through my veins and up my body. The blood fled from my throat and into his mouth and I started to cry. He let go at the sound of my weeping and looked into my eyes.

"Yuki," He gasped as the red disappeared from his eyes. He was Zero again. He went to touch me but I took a step back. "Yuki, I'm so sorry... I-" I heard Kaname walking down the stairs behind me, but I was too scared to look and I was clutching onto my neck with the hand Zero had been holding so tightly.

"You have been reduced to a blood thirsty beast, Zero Kiryu." I watched as Kaname's words pierced Zero's heart like his fangs had pierced my throat. His hand was back over his face as he started to cry. I wanted to hug Zero but Kaname was standing in front of me now. "You've hurt someone who's very dear to me Zero, If it weren't for her I wouldn't allow you to live." I moved around Kaname and touched Zero face with my hands. Kaname would most likely hurt Zero now, I didn't want that. He was my best friend.

"Leave Zero alone Kaname, please. I won't let you hurt him. You're special to me to, but, so is Zero." My knee's went weak, but why? I fell backwards onto Zero as he caught me Kaname spoke again.

"You devoured so much of her blood she can barely stand. How was Yuki's blood? Was it satisfying?" He asked picking me up and after that I didn't hear anything. It was all a blur as I was drifting off.

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Let’s just say this Chapter is coming from inside Yuki’s head as memories, while she is in hospital. I decided to fill you in on the past. So that maybe it made more sense to everyone.



The Last Night

Night 4


I was walking in the snow with Kaname after he had just saved me. He was trying to get me to talk but I didn’t know how to. I couldn’t even remember anything before what had happened. I didn’t know where he was taking me; all I knew is that I felt safe. He took me to a house in the middle of nowhere. It was surrounded by a forest with nothing but a long snowy road. A tall man answered the door; he had long blonde hair in a pony tail and grey eyes. I looked up at the man as Kaname let go of my hand. I looked back up at Kaname and took his hand again, I was scared.

“No, you must stay with this man now.†He knelt down by my side. “You may not want to let me go, but, I will be back soon. This man will look after you now.†He smiled and kissed my forehead. I looked up at the man and he held out his hand. Like any innocent child would I took his hand and he took me into his home.

“We shall call you Yuki!†He said enthusiastically I turned to look at Kaname but he was gone.




That man became my father 1 month later after signing documents to adopt me. He tried teaching me how to talk and other things but I couldn’t manage anything. I sat at the window waiting for Kaname to come back like he’d promised every day. I stayed like this for a solid year. My father was getting me out the bath one winters night when there was a knock at the door. He’d left me to get dressed on my own and I had failed at the attempt. I heard voices in the hallway.

“I came straight away, you’d told me it was an emergency, but I see now you lied.â€

“Just go talk with her; I can’t get anything from her. She can’t even feed herself.†There were footsteps as my father opened the bathroom door. He smiled and took a picture of me with the camera he always kept with him, as Kaname came into view he burst out laughing. They were both laughing at how I had gotten dressed. It was the first time I had got dressed by myself.

“Hello, Yuki.†Kaname grinned. “I don’t think that goes there, you see Yuki, this is your skirt not your hat.†He took it off my head. He turned to look at my father and stood up. “She seems fine, It’s only to be expected that she’s forgotten everything, I must go. I need to let her live her life without me; she needs a chance to live her own life.†He turned to walk out the room but I felt lonely as soon as his back was turned on me. I grabbed the bottom of his trench coat and tugged on it, I didn’t want him to leave.

“Ka-na-me, Kaname.†My first words took both of them by shock. Kaname had the biggest smile of them both and he hugged me in tight.

“Yes that is right and you’re Yuki.†That’s when I saw them, the sharp teeth that lay behind his lips. I slightly touched one of them and a trickle of blood went down my finger. I gasped and put my hands over my mouth.

“I’m sorry have I scared you, Yuki.†He sighed, looking upset. I shook my head and pulled him in closer and hugged him. I felt so small compared to him. I felt his arms wrap around me and I felt like I was home.

“You need to visit her more often. I haven’t gotten anything out of her for 2 months. You show up once and she speaks. Please think about it.†My father pleaded to Kaname.




I waited in the snow for hours for Kaname and my father pleaded for me to go wait inside, but I couldn’t. Kaname visited the same time every year and I wanted to see him walk from in the distance.

“Yuki please, dear at least put your coat on.†I heard him shout and I turned to look away from my father to see Kaname walking down through the tree’s and I ran up to him and hugged him as tight as I could.


“Hello Yuki.†He hugged me tight. “Today is your second birthday. You know what that means don’t you?†He smiled.

“It’s been two years since you saved me Kaname.†I still had that childlike voice but I loved Kaname all the same. That was the first night Kaname came over for dinner and actually ate. He told me stories of his travels, though he was more interested in me and what I was doing.




It was a few months after that when my father brought home a boy who looked the same age as me, though he was taller. He was covered in blood and looked scared. He stood in the doorway with my father holding him at his side.

“Yuki, this is Zero, he was attacked by a bad vampire. His family are dead and I need you to look after him.†Zero looked broken at my father’s words. He didn’t say anything. He just looked numb.

“Come on Zero,†I took his hand, “We’ll wash you off, and into fresh clothes.†I smiled and took him to our bathroom. I started to make him a bath and left to get some towels. When I came back he was sitting in the corner scratching his nails into his neck.

“I feel dirty, I can still feel that thing in my neck.†He scratched harder at where the blood was and more blood came flooding out.

“No Zero, please stop.†In my haste of an attempt of moving his hands away he sat and looked into my eyes. I dipped a flannel into the bath water and looked into his eyes. “May I clean you?†I felt like I had to ask him if I could touch him. I took off his blood drenched shit and started cleaning away at his neck. When all the blood had gone, there was nothing there, not a single mark, other than a tattoo he had. Why did he have a tattoo at such a young age? What was he hiding?




“Yuki I have something to tell you and Zero.†Both of us were sitting together on the couch reading a book when our father came in. “I’m going to open up a school in which both of you will attend. The difference is there will be a Day Class and a Night Class.†Kaname then appeared from in the hallway. “The Night Class will be a Vampire class.â€

“I will be part of the Night Class and I will be the dorm president.†In that moment Zero picked up a dinner knife from off the table and had stabbed Kaname in the arm. I jumped up and pulled Zero away. But it made no difference. Instead I took to standing next to Kaname who was now protecting me.

“You must be Zero Kiryu. I’m sorry to hear of your family.†Kaname gave his condolences.

“Shut up! You’re one of them!†Zero shouted in anger.

“The difference is,†Started Kaname, now in a protective stance with the knife still in his arm, “The Vampire that attacked your family was a bad Vampire and I am a good Vampire. I also do not take to being stabbed when you do not know me.†He pulled the dinner knife from out of his arm and dropped it on the floor.

“You’re all the same! You all drink blood.†Zero shouted and I felt broken.

“Zero,†I said holding Kaname’s hand. “He was the one who saved me, he is a good Vampire. He brought me here to our Cross Kaien. If it weren’t for him I’d be dead.â€

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The Last Night

Night 5


It was so peaceful I couldn't hear anything other than my breathing. I opened my eyes to see myself in a familiar room; it was the hospital inside the school. Every bed was empty other than mine. I sat up and noticed a couple of cards on my bed side table. I closed my eyes for a moment longer, I felt a little dizzy. I opened them and turned to get out of the bed to see Kaname staring intently at me. Either I hadn't looked properly before or he had only just gotten there and sat down while my eyes were closed. He looked at peace so I must have not noticed him before. He sat with his back straight and his hand on his chin.

"How are you feeling Yuki?" He asked leaning towards me and sitting on the edge of my bed. He had cut my path off for getting out of the bed. He hugged me, but it wasn't a hug I'd had before. His arms wrapped around me in a protective way. His hugs were always like this. I didn't hug him back; I just lay numb in his arms.

"I'm good thank you. I was about to get up and find Zero." I smiled as he frowned.

"Surely you're not going to do Disciplinary Committee tonight?" He asked.

"Of course I am, it’s my duty to the school. Now where is Zero?"

"Zero has been busy the past day; he hasn't been doing his duty either. I've had some of my class guard the grounds. While he watches over his condition."

“Is he okay?†I asked.

“I had no intentions of telling you this Yuki as you would only worry more. The thing is with us Vampires, not all of us keep our sanity, some vampires fall to Level E. Purebloods are the only Vampires who can turn humans into Vampires by feeding on them. Normal Vampires can only drink the blood of their prey with no effect. The Pureblood who turned Zero into a Vampire disappeared the day she turned him and the only blood that can satisfy him is a Purebloods. The blood tablets we take to cure our thirst cannot help Zero now as his body rejects the tablets. Nothing will stop him from falling to Level E, unless he gets a Purebloods blood. We Vampires don’t place ourselves amongst those of Level E. Level E devours who they want and have forgotten who they are. That’s where the Vampire Hunters come in, they only hunt Level E.â€

“So they will hunt Zero?†Kaname nodded in reply, but it was a lot to take in. “But Zero doesn’t devour who he wants. I was an accident.†I was determined to not accept that Zero was falling to a Level E.

“That crazy Vampire the day I found you was a Level E. I was sent there that day to kill that Level E and that is how I found you Yuki.†He leaned his head on mine but I couldn’t speak. “I wouldn’t take a moment back.†I couldn’t think of anything to say. “Have I hurt you Yuki?â€

“No.†I was blunt.

“Last night when you said I was special to you, did you mean it?†I nodded in reply. "What happened to us Yuki?" I looked back up at him. "You used to tell me everything and now we're like strangers. Did Zero take my place in your heart?" I couldn't answer. “You used to adore me, you hated it when I left your side, and now everything is different.†I looked at the floor. What he was saying had upset me. Did he really think he’d lost me? "I love you Yuki." I shot my head up and my heart pounded. He had told me this for the past 8 years whilst I was growing up, whereas I had never returned those words, even though I did love him all the more. Every time he said it I felt invincible. Though it seemed every time he said it, it had more meaning.

"I do love you Kaname, and don't ever think different." After I'd said this he smiled and looked relieved. He sat back to give me some space. “I know what you saw Zero do hurt you, but, I’m fine. It was more of a shock for me than for you. I never knew Zero was a vampire. I’m sorry though if I’ve hurt you.â€

“You haven’t hurt me, I’ve been very worried about you.†He said smiling. “I have a feeling you want to see Zero more at the moment though. You’ll find him in his room.†My smile faded, had he seen this on my face all along? “It’s okay, go.†He chuckled.


Kaname helped me up out of bed. It seemed I still had my uniform on. As soon as I left his side I headed towards Zero’s dormitory. I was quite relieved Kaname had let me go see him. Usually he’s against me being around Zero because of the feud them two have, plus he’s very protective over me, they both are. I walked across the school with my hand over my throat. The holes Zero had pierced were so deep. I knocked on Zero’s door when I got there. He got his own room and now I knew why. He weren’t answering so I opened his door myself. He had a suitcase on the floor with a picture the headmaster had taken when we were little on the top. Where was he going? I scanned the room properly now and that’s when my heart sank. He was sitting on the end of his bed with his eyes closed and his Bloody Rose gun to his head.

"No, Zero, please," I ran over to him and went to take the weapon from his hand. He somehow switched positions so I was lying on the bed beneath him with the gun in my hand instead. I felt like crying, why was he being like this?

"Pull the trigger." He said sternly. "I've decided if I die I want you to be the one to do it. What I did was unforgiveable and I will never forgive myself. Even if you forgive me, I won’t." I shook my head and my hand with the gun in started shaking. "I can't stop myself from wanting your blood Yuki. I can feel you in my veins.†This creeped me out a little, it wasn’t my blood he could feel inside him it was actually me. “The past 8 years I've wanted your blood, Yuki. Now I've had a taste I can't keep myself sane." He closed his eyes. “I need you Yuki.â€

"Is this what I’ve driven you to? This is horrible Zero! Don't force yourself away, take my blood Zero." His eyes widened in shock at what I had said.

“What? No Yuki I won’t. I hate myself for it.†He gritted his teeth. “Shoot me!â€

"It will stop you from falling to level E. I want you to drink my blood." I didn't want Zero falling to a level E. He looked confused, no doubt wondering how I knew about Level E’s. He looked contemplative for a moment and then he gave in to the urge. His eyes turned red again and he leaned in towards my neck.

"I can't stop myself." He sounded reluctant, he didn't want to drink my blood, but he needed to.

"Together we'll do the most forbidden act of all." I said as his fangs pierced the same holes as before and he started to drink my blood. I dropped the gun; the feeling of my blood leaving my body pulsed in my throat. The tips of his teeth felt so sharp in my skin but other than that it felt warm. He was holding onto me tight and I was now holding onto his back. He felt warm under my fingers. The legends I’d heard of Vampires being cold was false. I’d noticed this with Kaname to. They were still warm. Did this mean they weren’t dead? A living Vampire?


I felt another sharp sting as his fangs left my throat. He leaned back. My blood was down his chin and on his clothes and I could feel it trickling down my throat. He wiped his mouth on the sleeve of his shirt and looked at me as I sat up. I looked back at him and he put his fingers on the wound.

“I’m so sorry I’ve done this to you.†He said and I looked at him pleading.

“It’s fine, Zero, but, we can’t tell anyone.†I told him.

“It’s just between us,†He vowed while smiling and then his smile faded. “You love him don’t you?â€


“I could feel your emotions when I was drinking your blood.†I suddenly felt angry after this.

“Hey! Don’t peek inside me like that! It’s not fair. You can’t just pry in on me!†My frown vanished when he smiled slightly. He never smiled to anyone but me.

“I’m sorry.â€

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oh boy 3 more chp.. i missed alot... i will have to read this today...sorry i didnt know, work keeps me busy. i know it will be awesome

Aww thank you Stef, take your time. :D I know how busy work can get sometimes. D:

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Yesterday's one you posted was brilliant and wonderful.


As for today, I only just noticed you posted so I'll be reading <33

Thank you Kella. :D I really appreatiate it. :D

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:lostit: that was a awesome read.. thought chp 4 confused me...i mean was that her past???

Yeah I said before the chapter it was her memories. I thought I'd give you a bit of their childhood to understand the story more. :P Thank you so much Stef. :D

Edited by Hermione
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i loved it and u know why, i can actually picture them when i read it... haha so its like a movie in my head >.<

Aww thank you Stef. :D It's what I do while I'm writing it out. >.<

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I finished that last chapter you wrote last night before I went to bed because I couldn't sleep and I thought it was just fabulously amazing. It kept me interested in what was going on and I craved for more. Brilliant, as always m'love.

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I finished that last chapter you wrote last night before I went to bed because I couldn't sleep and I thought it was just fabulously amazing. It kept me interested in what was going on and I craved for more. Brilliant, as always m'love.

:D One of the best comments I've had yet. :D Thank you Kella. :) <3

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The Last Night

Night 6


At last the long awaited weekend and I had decided to take a trip into town with Zero. The weekends were always my favourite parts of the week. I had as much free time in the day as I wanted with Zero and father and then I got to spend nights with Kaname. Zero and I were in my favourite restaurant, we both had noodles and coke but I was the only one eating. I loved the food at this restaurant because it was better than the food we got at school. It also looked very retro and it made me feel like I’d gone back in time. Zero was sitting with his head on his hand, staring down at his noodles. I could tell something was bothering him, but I didn’t want to pressure him into telling me. He was moving the chop sticks around in his hand, but not really paying attention.

“You should eat, it will make you feel better,†I grinned. This was my attempt in trying to get him to talk.

“Why couldn’t we have gone to the Ice Cream parlour?†He asked now looking up at me. “You have a noodle in your hair,†He smiled wide.

“Well I love the food here; we can go after we’ve eaten something proper. So eat.†I told him whilst picking the noodle from the ends of my hair. He was still staring at me but now with a blank expression. “Or just go and I’ll meet you there?†He stood up right after I had said this and without saying anything disappeared.


I sighed and finished off my noodles as well as Zero’s. I felt obligated to eat the food he had left behind as I hated wasting it. I stood up and paid the man behind the counter, he often gave us a discount because we went there so much. I left the restaurant and started making my way across the street to the Ice Cream parlour. It looked busy and I couldn’t see Zero inside. It was in that moment that I could feel eyes on me. I looked around to see who it was and there was a hooded figure that had been watching me not to far away and they were disappearing down the street we were on. I took a look at the Ice Cream Parlour and in two minds ran after the hooded figure. Why was I running after this person? This was a stranger I was following, but I wanted to know who they were and why they were watching me. They went between some houses and disappeared. This is where I got worried, yet I still felt compelled to follow them.


As I got to the end of the alley way between the houses I found myself standing in a church yard. I looked around and I couldn’t see the figure anywhere, they had vanished. I heard movement a few steps behind me so I turned in haste to look but, there was nothing. Then I heard the same noise in front of me, this time I was slow to look. I was sure someone was standing there this time.

“Your last night will fall soon,†Said an evil voice. It sounded like it was giving me my prophecy. The hooded figure was now standing in front of me, but their hood was down. I could see them clear now and it was a woman. Her eyes were blood red and her canines were sharp and looked venomous. She was hunched and her long brown hair dangled over her face. She looked insane.

“You’re a Level E.†I stated not knowing what else to say. I was sure this is where she was going to attack me. The Vampire cackled and started running at me. I withdrew Artemis as quickly as I could and used the weapon to guard myself. The Vampire was more powerful than I had expected. She’d taken a grab at me and because of my weapon rebounding her, she had flung back, but not very far. It felt like it did more damage to me as I fell to the floor. Before she took another grab I ran for the church doors. Once inside I tried getting as high as I could, that meant climbing the bell tower. I thought that Vampires couldn’t get into churches, but I was evidently wrong. The Vampire was catching up with me and was gaining speed by the second. I was now in the bell tower and at a dead end. My heart sank as reality hit, there was nothing I could do. I stood tall holding my weapon in front of me, with my legs spaced apart for good balance. The best I could do was fight. “You’re so stupid Yuki,†I said to myself, “Why did you have to follow her?†The Vampire jumped up through the wooden floor, sending splinters of wood everywhere and grabbed onto my leg. I screamed and dropped my weapon as I fell. I tried pulling myself up but it was no use. The weight of the Vampire pulling my leg only made me fall more. I kicked the Vampire in the face with my free foot and crawled over to my weapon. My leg felt numb where she had been digging her nails into my skin. As soon as I touched my weapon again it opened up. I scrambled to my feet; I had never been so scared before. The Vampire once again appeared in the room and in moments had their hands on my weapon trying to pull it away. I was limping in the attempt of pushing her away, she was yelling crazy noises. I could see the electric shock going through her as she wouldn’t let go. “Please, I’m sorry, leave me alone.†I begged and to my amazement the Vampire stopped forcing the weapon out of my hands. With a dazed look on her face she backed away, if I didn’t know better I’d say she looked scared. I felt arms wrap around my waist and without looking I knew it was Kaname.

“You’re one of us,†It wasn’t a question. The Vampire had said this whilst backing into a corner on the opposite side of the room to us.

“You poor creature, No, unlike you I remember who I am. Unfortunately for you I cannot allow you to keep on living. You chose the wrong prey and your punishment is death.†He solemnly said. Though his words were harsh I could hear his sympathy. He covered my eyes with one of his hands and all I could hear was screaming and a harsh crackling sound coming from the far corner of the room. I was too scared to move. It went quiet and all I could hear was my breathing. His hand moved from my eyes and to my surprise the room was empty. There was no trace of that other Vampire, what had he done to her? “Yuki, what were you thinking?†He said hugging me. “You could have died.†I felt so numb, all I wanted in that moment was Kaname and he was there. I turned to face him properly and hugged him as tight as I could.

“I was so scared,†I cried.

“You’re safe now Yuki,†He told me and a thousand questions ran through my mind.

“How did you know I was here? That Vampire was a Level E wasn’t she? She said my last night would fall soon, what did she mean? You-“

“You are perfectly safe now, and have suffered a great ordeal. I was actually in town and noticed you were alone. Naturally I followed you. Yes that Vampire was a Level E and I will explain the rest to you another time. This is a conversation not for now.†He looked at me then started to walk back down the steps. “May I ask; where was Zero?â€

“He wanted Ice Cream; I told him I’d be right over. I got distracted. Oh no, I’ve left him alone, do you think he will be worried?†I started to panic.

“I sent Zero back to the school, it’s why I was in town, to find you both. The headmaster has had some unfortunate news. I told him I’d go find you and bring you back to.†He looked down at me. “So for now Yuki, please do not leave my side.†I knew this was a dig and me leaving Zero, but then again, look what happened.

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