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The Last Night

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:lostit: wow that was awesome, girl u got me dream abt this too.. i simply love this fanfic :ohyeah:

Thank you so much Stef. :D




And so the plot thickens…



The Last Night

Night 7


I arrived back in the school grounds with Kaname not to long after and he was very intent on taking me to the headmaster’s office himself instead of leaving me to walk there alone. I kept assuring him I was okay he believed different as I was limping at his side. As we reached the headmasters office I noticed Zero was sitting outside with his head in his hands. He must have heard us coming down the hallway, yet he still did not look up. I felt I should wait until I’d seen the headmaster before I spoke to him. Kaname took me inside the office and stood in front of the door while I made my way over to my father’s desk. I looked at my father sitting behind his desk, he looked bewildered. This situation felt awkward, it seemed very serious.

“Headmaster?†I had broken the silence but silence remained after until he replied.

“Yuki, I’m going to have to cut straight to the point. I’m worried about you and so is Kaname.†I stood quite still not knowing what was going on. I didn’t see what there was to worry about. “A student has been murdered Yuki.†It felt as though the world had came crashing down around me. How could this have happened? I’d failed my duty to the school, in fact so had Zero.

“What? Who did it?†I asked.

“We believe it was Zero,†I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, I felt like my knees were going to give way.

“Is this some kind of sick joke?†I asked but by the faces of the two them, I knew it wasn’t. “You have no proof of that. I’m always with Zero. When could he have possibly found the time to do such a thing?†I started to cry in sudden panic. “Father, do you believe it?â€

“As Zero’s father, no. But as the headmaster of this school, he has been suspected, yes.â€

“He didn’t do it! Why has he been suspected? What do you plan on doing with him now?â€

“He is the only Vampire since I started this school to suddenly lose control-“

“I was an accident! Zero wouldn’t hurt anyone.â€

“Never the less, he is the only one and a threat to this school. As for our future plans with him, we plan on detaining him.†My eyes started to burn and my silent crying became sobs. “The students name we will not mention unless it gets out of our hands and reaches the ears of the Vampire Hunters association.â€

“You can’t, you have no proof. Please, not Zero.†I turned to look at Kaname but there was no look of remorse on his face. It was like he didn’t even care. “You think it was him to, don’t you?â€

“Whether he did or didn’t, we need to detain him until we find the real murderer otherwise it will look like the school has done nothing about it. If he didn’t do it then I’d owe him my life.†I had never felt so angry was this seriously his solution?

“You’re using him as bait! He’s innocent and you’re detaining him to make yourselves look good. He’ll be hunted,†I turned to my father, “You do know that right?†He put his head in his hands. He was getting frustrated and I could only imagine the pain of his ideology failing right in front of him, of Vampires and humans co-existing. Not to mention the loss of one of his students and his son.

“There’s nothing that can be done,†He replied, “It’s already been taken into effect.†With that said I raced out the room to find the bench where Zero once sat, empty. I stared at the bench for a little while longer when I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to look Kaname in his eyes.

“This will probably hurt you to hear, trust me, it hurts me to say, but I’ve never been so disgusted at how you treat Zero. You know he’s innocent don’t you? I can see it in your eyes. Yet you have persuaded the headmaster to think different.†I saw the pain of my words flicker across his face.

“You’ll understand in due time, what has happened and why it has been done.†Did this mean Zero was going to be okay? This means he’s been planning it all along. I couldn’t understand what was going on. How had so much happened in just a couple of days? There was no hint of a murderer on the school premises and Zero couldn’t have done it. I was the last one standing who would defend Zero. It was my duty now to find out who had done the crime and had framed Zero. The pain that stung the most was that Kaname was in on it. How could anyone think such harsh things when they don’t have the proof? The parents to the student that died deserve the truth in memory of their child, not a cover up.




Days passed and I hadn’t seen Kaname or my father. I was barely sleeping due to worrying about Zero and the only place I could think of within the school grounds where they would hide Zero was the underground passage. It was getting late, the moon was out along with all the stars and it lit up the school grounds for me. I found the underground passage, to the human students it looked like a Janitors equipment room, but everyone else knew it was a tomb; well that’s what it looked like to me. Silently, I started making my way through it the hallways that were lit with fire torches. It wasn’t until fenced off rooms started appearing beside me that I started hearing voices down at the far end. I stopped outside the last room and took a peak around the door to see two familiar faces.

“You’re weak Zero Kiryu,†Kaname said, “You know you’re falling to Level E a lot quicker now you’ve drank Yuki’s blood. I can’t have that happening as you’re to play a big part in what is to come.†I couldn’t really see what was going on but the voices were enough for me. He knew he’d been drinking my blood and what was this plan? “Only a Pureblood’s blood will stop you from falling insane and lucky enough for you I’m offering you mine.â€

“I won’t do it,†Zero gasped trying to move but it was useless. He was chained by his arms to the far wall. Now I had my whole head around the door so I could see everything in the room clearly. Kaname grabbed Zeros chin and forced Zero to look at him.

“I’m not doing this for you, trust me I’d have a high amount of pleasure to see you dead, but no. I’m doing this for Yuki. Now drink!†I moved away from the door. Why did Kaname want Zero alive for me, yet detain him? I heard a slight crunch and it was clear that Zero’s fangs had entered Kaname’s body and he was now drinking his blood. I had to get out of here.

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Can't believe I forgot to comment on that chapter. D:


I loved it. Always. It still had me on the edge of my seat. Gah, it's hard for writers to do that to me. so you ARE brilliant.

Aww it's okay. :D Thank you so much Kella, I'm glad you're enjoying it!

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The Last Night

Night 8


As the weeks dragged on everything got harder for me. I could barely cope doing my duty alone and my classes on top of that were just pushing me over the edge. I was getting no sleep on the night and it made me feel like walking death during the day. Since I’d overheard the conversation Kaname and Zero were having in the Underground Chamber those weeks ago it was near impossible to sleep. It had been weeks since I had seen Kaname or Zero and that was also having a bad impact on me. It felt like I was a child again, where I only got to see Kaname once a year. I couldn’t understand why he was avoiding me. Since all this had begun all those weeks ago I was also starting to have weird visions of blood and of the deceased, but I had assumed it was because I wasn’t getting much sleep.


It was now the weekend and my father thought it would be good if we took a trip back home for the weekend instead of being cooped up in the school. It makes no difference though as the past 8 years we’ve spent in the house Zero has been there to. It wouldn’t be the same without him. I’d spent the majority of the weekend sitting at the window watching the outside life and reading, like I had done when I was younger while I waited for Kaname. I just wanted to go back to before all this had started.

“I have a surprise for you Yuki,†Called my father from the kitchen, “Come and see.†He insisted.

“Is it my favourite soup? Seriously, I’m too old to be calling that a surprise anymore.†I said walking into the kitchen. To my astonishment, Zero sitting at the table with a slight smile on his face. Now I felt ridiculously stupid and annoyed. I couldn’t think of anything to say, I was speechless. I didn’t understand.

“We released him yesterday,†He said and I kept looking back from him to Zero, “We felt there was no need to keep him under detainment. If the Vampire Hunters come asking we’ll tell them what we know and they can make whatever decision they need to.†I now felt somewhat angry. He had practically just told me they had detained him for no reason, yet Zero sat smiling. I decided against replying and walked out the room to resume my reading.

“I’m going to continue reading,†I sourly replied without looking back.


The book was open on my lap but I weren’t taking any of its writing in as my mind was elsewhere. Why was he here? More to the point, why had Kaname let him out? Why had I just walked away without talking to Zero? I felt so hurt, I felt like he had abandoned me, but it was the other way around. I didn’t go to see him when really, I should have. I was the one who abandoned him. Zero looked a lot healthier now, was it because of Kaname’s blood?


I closed the book and placed it on the table beside me and picked up my coffee instead. I closed my eyes and took in its scent; it was so sweet and addictive. I took a sip but it was different, it felt thick in my mouth. I opened my eyes and my mug that was once full of coffee had now been replaced with blood. I screamed in terror as I dropped the mug on the floor. I heard it smash below me and I carefully looked at it. I was again shocked to see that coffee came spilling from it. The blood had felt so real, what was happening to me?

“What the hell was that all about?†Zero said running into the room and I looked up to see him in front of me with my father behind him. The both of them looked astounded at the scene I had caused.

“I’m sorry I’ll clean it up. I just burned myself.†I lied as I scrambled to the floor to start picking the fragments of the mug up.

“Yuki don’t touch it, I’ll go get some towels,†My father insisted as he disappeared up the stairs.

“Leave it I’ll do it,†Zero insisted right after and he got on his knees and helped me pick up the pieces. A piece of the broken mug felt sharp in my hand and when I looked it had pierced the skin on my finger. Zero’s eyes widened and they turned blood red as he watched the trickles of blood twisting down my hand. Zero got up and left the room, he was stronger than I had thought. It wasn’t long before he re appeared with the first aid box in his hand. He took an antiseptic wipe and wiped away the blood from my finger and after replaced the wipe with a band aid. I was shocked he was able to cope being around my blood without wanting it.

“I’ve missed you, Zero,†I said after a few moments and he looked into my eyes. It was the first time I’d seen a genuine smile from him. It made me happy.

“Yuki I said stay away,†Said our father as he lay down towels, I had noticed he’d entered the room again, “Look you’ve cut yourself to.†He said pointing out my band aid with a disappointed look on his face.

“I’m sorry,†I sighed, “and I’m sorry if I’ve ruined your carpet to,†I smiled.

“Our carpet and its fine, I was thinking of getting laminate anyway,†He sighed as he pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose.




We arrived back at school late on the Sunday night. It was dark and the cool breeze felt good against my skin. I watched the tree’s move in the wind as we walked down towards the gates. It reminded me of something from a horror movie, especially as I had a Vampire at my side. As we entered the school grounds I turned to look at Zero. He looked disturbed for some unknown reason, but he usually did when he was at school. I started thinking about my past again and it was giving me a headache. I debated whether I should talk to Zero about it, after all I had someone to talk about my problems with now.

“Why do you think I can’t remember my past?†I asked him and he looked at me confused.

“I don’t know,†He sighed, “I thought we’d agreed you’d move on from dwelling on it?â€

“It’s just so hard,†I sighed and looked at the floor, “I think about it every day, the more I try to remember the more I find myself-“ I cut myself off, I thought it was best not to tell Zero about my hallucinations. He had noticed this and he looked at me from the side of his eyes with one eyebrow raised.

“You need a new focus Yuki,†He said looking around, “Here comes one now.â€

“What?†I asked him and he nodded forward. I looked and not too far ahead was Kaname. Everytime I saw Kaname I couldn’t help but smile. I looked back to Zero but he was gone. “What the-“

“Yuki, how was your weekend away?†He was acting like nothing had happened, it was to frustrating.

“It was good thank you,†I carried on walking, “I haven’t seen you for a month.â€

“I haven’t been here, I’ve had work elsewhere, and I’m back now.†I couldn’t help but think he was lying, I’d seen him 2 weeks ago, but maybe he came back just to see Zero.

“What work?†I asked him.

“That is none of your concern.†He smiled towards me but I weren’t impressed. I was worried about why everyone was disappearing and why so much was being hidden from me. “I’ve hurt you.†He said.

“Yes,†I replied and he sighed, “I would like to know why you detained Zero and then you let him go anyway.†I demanded and stopped to face him. He gave me a blank look for a while. I wasn’t holding anything back anymore. “I want to know why you gave Zero your blood.†He frowned at what I said.

“We know who really did it, but, it’s not for you to worry about. Promise me you won’t pry too much into the matter. As for me giving Zero my blood, that is a matter that you already know of. I did it for you, I care for you and I know you worry knowing Zero will fall to a Level E,†He put his hand on my face, “He was in there for 4 weeks with no tablets, though his body rejects them. If he was in there alone with nothing to feed on, he would have started to feed on his own blood and that’s what makes Vampires like Zero, drop to Level E. I couldn’t have that happening, so I have prevented this from happening.†He dropped his hand from my face. “I am however disappointed in the fact you overheard. I never wanted that to happen.â€

“I promise,†I said as I tried to remember everything he had said in order, “Be angry at me or annoyed, but please don’t be disappointed in me.â€

“I’m not disappointed in you; I’m disappointed in myself for risking that chance.†He looked into my eyes and I couldn’t look away. “I’ve missed you so much,†He said and I smiled, “Do you forgive me?â€

“I can’t hold a grudge forever, no matter how much pain you’ve caused me,†He flinched at my words, “and Zero seems happy enough. You’ll just have to work your way back into my good books.†I joked and he chuckled.

“I’ll try my best,†He said hugging me, “I’ll try my very best.†After everything that had been said I couldn’t help but feel that somehow… Zero was now in debt with Kaname.

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This chapter failed. I did originally have a massive paragraph describing the characters but it took up to much, so I’ll just name them from right to left. Some will most likely become main characters as they're the main characters. So if need be you can refer back to here for reference. I'll list a bit of their personality.

Ichiru/Ichijo: Vice Presidant

Kain: Secretly loves Ruka, Kaname's body guard

Rima: Models with Senri, trained in martial arts and quiet

Seiren: Kaname's main body guard and confidant

Ruka: She's in love with Kaname and is vain

Hanabusa: The youngest and like causing trouble

Senri: Models with Rima, quiet



The Last Night

Night 9


I was walking around the school grounds alone after my Disciplinary Committee job. Zero had gone to bed but I couldn’t sleep much anymore due to my hallucinations, so my nights were spent walking the grounds alone. I didn’t mind it, it allowed me to get some fresh air and it also allowed me time think about what was bothering me. The breeze was really cold and it made me violently shake as the only clothes I was wearing was my uniform. It was now coming into the winter season so the days were starting to grow colder and shorter. In ways I enjoyed being able to think over things, but sometimes it allowed me to see things I didn’t want to. I walked over to the fountain and sat on the edge of its frame and looked up at the stars. This was the first night in over a month I was able to see them. Usually the clouds were in the way, but it was something pretty to look at. I could hear the water falling from a height and hitting the water that lay at the bottom of the fountain, it was so soothing. I placed my head in the wall of water falling from it. I sat back in my useless attempt to refresh myself and my heart started pounding. I looked at myself and my hair was dripping with something dark. It was blood. The tops of my clothes were wet through to my skin to and I stood away from the fountain to see pools of blood instead of water. I screamed and no matter how many times I blinked it was still there.

“You shouldn’t be out here alone.†I heard a voice sound from behind. I didn’t look at him I was to intent on looking at the blood fountain. “Something is bothering you, what’s wrong, Yuki?†He spoke again and I still didn’t answer. I heard him approach closer and I felt him touch my hand.

“Keep away from me,†I shouted and withdrew Artemis. I wasn’t in my right mind. I held it out in front of me as protection and then reality hit. “Kaname,†I gasped, “I’m so sorry.†I cried.

“What scared you?†He asked looking worried. My head started pounding and my body felt weak. It felt like I was falling. I was numb. I grabbed onto Kaname and watched his face turn to terror, but it was too late. I was lying on the floor unconscious.




The next morning I woke up in my bed with Ichiru from the Night Class sitting by my side. Sayori my room-mate and girl best friend wasn’t there. He was looking out the window and not really paying attention, I wondered why he was there.

“Kaname brought you back here last night, he told me to watch over you,†He turned to look at me, “You look a lot better. It would seem sleep did you well. If you don’t mind I must be going now that you’re awake. We have an event happening tomorrow night and I have a lot to do.†He stood up and headed towards the door. “Sayori has been very worried about you and you’ll find her in the Lunch hall.â€

“I’m sorry Ichiru,†I said and he nodded in reply and left the room. I couldn’t understand what he meant about an event tomorrow night but I’m sure I would find out someway soon enough.


The day moved by slowly and lessons went by even slower than the break times did. Sayori kept telling me how much better I looked now I had finally slept. She also told me that I was saying weird things while I was sleeping. I had never talked in my sleep before so this bothered me.

“Well this is where we’ll part. I hope to see you in your bed actually sleeping tonight,†She smiled, “No more lurking the grounds please.†She teased and I smiled as she headed towards our room. It’s nice to know she cared for me as much as I cared for her.


I was standing outside the Night Class dormitory with Zero wondering why there weren’t any girls there. Zero assumed they’d got worn out from trying to get in and failing every time.

“Hey Zero?†I asked as he kicked a few stones around.

“Hmm?†He hummed looking at me.

“What event is happening tomorrow night?†He looked away and leaned up against the boundary wall. “Ichiru told me something was happening tomorrow night.â€

“I don’t know,†He said bluntly but I knew he was lying. If it was such a secret why had Ichiru even mentioned it? Or did he not know I was not to be told?


I didn’t pry more into the subject as I promised Kaname I wouldn’t. It was just so hard to go around not knowing anything. To be kept in the dark was horrible. Zero knew something and I wanted to know what he was keeping from me, like everyone else. The leafless branches on the tree’s moved in the wind and creaked. As it was dark if I had been alone right now I would have been thoroughly creeped out. It was getting to cold now; I really needed to invest some money in a coat. I have had the same one for a couple of years. I was broken from my rambling thoughts when the Night Class emerged from the gates. They stared at me with as they retreated out. Zero was gone.

“Look who it is,†Said Ruka.

“Leave her be,†Said Kain as he pulled her away.

“It is bewildering though, why Lord Kaname has taken interest with you.†Said Rima as she looked at Shiki. He shrugged his shoulders and brushed his thick brown hair out of his eyes.

“Come on guys, leave her alone,†Said Ichijo with a voice of authority.

“Exacally what are you to Lord Kaname, Yuki Cross?†Asked Hanabusa angry.

“How dare you target Yuki in this way,†Boomed Kaname voice and all of them backed away as they saw Kaname entering through the gates. “To think I class you my friends.†Everyone apologised almost instantly and asked for forgiveness. “How are you this evening? You gave me quite a fright last night.†He asked me and I smiled feeling under pressure from everyone staring at me.

“I feel much better, I’m sorry if I caused you any trouble.â€

“Ichiru informed me that you got the sleep you needed, please don’t push yourself to hard Yuki, sleeping is vital,†He said and I weren’t paying much attention so I just nodded. He knew what I was looking at, “Ignore them, they’re a little on edge this evening. Or maybe they’re jealous you’re getting all my attention,†He teased in whispers and I wondered if it was because of the event tomorrow night. I was about to ask about it when Ruka spoke in a chime voice.

“Lord Kaname we really must be going,†she said annoyed.

“Indeed, I’ll see you soon, Yuki Cross.†He finished and walked away leaving the others behind. I didn’t understand why he chose to pay me attention when there were gorgeous girls like Ruka to keep him busy. If Kaname’s tease was true I didn’t want them to hate me because of it.

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I don’t know when the next chapter will be up. I’ve come down with illness and I don’t feel I can put my best into writing. This is the last of the 7 pre-written chapters I have. I will get the next one up when I’m feeling up to it. It should be no longer than a couple of days though. I’m just giving a heads up as I’ve been updating nearly twice a day for the past week. :P



The Last Night

Night 10


I had just come out of my after school detention with Sayori, my room-mate. She was the one I sat with in all lessons and we spent a lot of time together during the day. We had 3 meals a day with other as well as she would come to my after school detentions, so that I wasn’t alone. She was very good at heart and she believed the same in me to. She had gone off to find some of her other friends, to say goodnight and I found myself climbing the stairs to get to the balcony and start my Disciplinary Committee Job. I was already an hour late for starting because of the detention so I was trying to be quick. I glanced out the windows on the way up to see Zero sitting under a tree by the school gates.

“Come on! He's skipping again?†I sulked; he had a tendency to keep skipping this part of the night and it was annoying. I looked more carefully and he seemed to be staring at a little black embroidered case that looked like a Zipper Lighter. Did it contain his blood tablets? I retreated back down the stairs and into the grounds where he was sitting. The black case was gone.

“Are you skipping again Zero?†I asked trying not to sound to annoyed.

“I’ve done what I have to right now.†He stood up and looked at me. “I have to leave the school for a little while. The headmaster gave me a job to do.â€

“What do you mean? Can I come?†Zero placed his hand on my head and ruffled my hair. My hands balled into fists I hated how everyone just had to do this to me.

“I don’t see why not. But go get dressed; we can’t run around town with our uniform on.†He said walking back towards the school and I followed him.




It wasn’t long before we reached town. I loved taking trips into town, it was rare students got to do it and Zero and I only got to do this because we were the headmaster’s children. Though it was getting late and also dark there was still a lot of people out doing shopping.

“What do you actually have to do?†I said looking around.

“I have to pick up a suit for tonight.†I cocked my head to the one side confused. “You don’t need to know about it Yuki. Wait here and I’ll be back soon.†He walked off through the crowd of people and disappeared.


I sat down on the bench that he had left me by and looked around. I did an extra button up on my coat because it was getting chilly and then fiddled with my scarf. It wasn’t until after I looked that I noticed there was a little boy crying in front of me with his hood up. He constantly rubbed his eyes.

“Are you okay?†I asked him, he looked about 4. What was he doing out alone at this time?

“I’ve lost my mommy; I can’t find her on my own.†I took the boys other hand and tried to comfort him.

“I’ll take you to her; do you know where she might be?†The boy nodded and took me away from the crowd and to what seemed like endless roads. I started getting De-Ja-Vu and it made me panic. Should I have promised this boy I’d take him to her? It was quite empty down the streets he was guiding me and when we got to an empty court yard there seemed to be a mansion on the distant hill that looked abandoned, but this is where the boy was walking. It couldn’t be abandoned?


When we approached the mansion the boy seemed fine but I was very weary. He opened the door and walked inside but it seemed like the place was empty. There was a thick layer of dust over everything and wherever you walked it made a new path. In fact, if it weren’t for the dust that lay thick everywhere the place would have looked beautiful. It looked like if it was owned it would be owned by someone with lots of money. Everything was made of marble, even the staircase. No one else had been here.

“Little boy are you sure this is where your mother would be?†I asked bending down and looking around him some more. He seemed to have known where he was going to, it must be the right place. He kissed me on the cheek and I smiled.

“Thank you misses.†He said and finally opened his eyes. He was staring right at me and his eyes were blood red like Zero’s when he was hungry. My knees became weak and I fell to the floor. The boy was now gone from my sight and my eyes were getting blurry. I wiped them but nothing was happening. Something was happening to me and I didn’t know what, I felt so weak and numb. Why did this keep happening?




I heard quiet breathing beside me. I slowly opened my eyes and I found myself alone in a windowless room with Kaname. It was bright, all the lights were on and I could see all the detail of the room. It looked exquisite. He moved across the room and sat by my side on the couch. I was lying down on a comfortable vintage couch. As I sat up so I could sit next to him I realised that this room was the one from my dream those few weeks ago. There was no painting on the wall though.

“Kain found you upstairs in the hallway as he arrived. It was a struggle to find out how you’d gotten here Yuki,†He sighed feeling my forehead, “It’s good to see you’re finally awake.†Why was he feeling my forehead? I wasn’t ill.

“There was a little boy, where is he?†I asked worried, I’d left him alone.

“The boy is now with his mother, thank you for bringing him back,†He smiled, “If you want an explanation to why you passed out, it’s because vampire children can’t feed on humans, so when they touch them they drain their energy and take it for their own.†I hadn’t asked about it, at the moment I wasn’t really bothered, but it was nice of him to explain it.

“So, when he kissed me, he took my energy?†It made sense.

“That is correct.†It wasn’t until now I noticed he was in a Tuxedo with a rose in his jacket pocket. “We are underground that building right now and I must ask you not to leave this room. There is a ball happening for Vampires down this hallway and there are over 1,000 Vampires attending and I don’t wish for you to become a meal.†Though he said it rather slowly he sounded like he was in a rush.

“You’re going to leave me?†I asked him worried knowing that there were that many Vampires just down the hall from me. It must be a big hall to fit in over 1,000 Vampires.

“I need to at least make an appearance; I shall come back right away and attend to your needs.†He kissed my forehead and left me in the room alone. Is this why Zero had to buy a suit?

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I got this up sooner than I expected.



The Last Night

Night 11



I know Kaname had told me to stay in the room and wait for him to get back, but I couldn’t. I was too intrigued by what I knew was happening down the hallway and sitting in a windowless room was pretty plain compared to that. So within seconds after Kaname leaving the room I left to. Though he’d only just left the hallway was empty. I looked to my right and proceeded up the hallway until I reached a large red curtain. The whole time I was here I could hear music and a lot of loud voices, but when I was in that room it seemed to block out all the sound. I quietly pushed my way through the curtain and leaned over the banister. I was high above the ball. From this height I could make out that the Night Class were there, but they weren’t just the faces I knew. There were famous actors and singers there to. I gazed around some more and noticed Zero standing up against the wall with a funny looking man right next to him. That weren’t so shocking to me, but I couldn’t understand why he’d want to attend when he hates Vampires. That is unless he weren’t a guard because the older man standing next to him looked like one.


I was standing up on the balcony a while before Kaname made his entrance on the opposite side of the room to where I was. He looked so handsome but his face looked upset. Everyone bowed as he entered and he smiled slightly and told them all to carry on. Vampires approached him and they talked for a little while but it wasn’t too long before he looked up to the place where I was standing and I dropped to the floor so he wouldn’t see me through the wall. It had scared me. I tried to catch my breath and stood back up to look but, his back was turned on me talking to someone else. The room had gone quiet.

“Lord Kaname my respects to you,†Said the older Vampire of the family.

“Thank you,†Kaname replied but then the man pushed forth his daughter.

“I wondered, I’m thinking you’re looking for a wife and I hoped you’d take my daughter into consideration?†He asked and that’s when I noticed that Ichiru from the night class was standing with them. “That is our family’s wishes.â€

“What? No it isn’t I am so sorry Lord Kaname, this isn’t my wish at all.†He shouted with a voice that sounded worried. In that moment loads of other Vampires started pushing their daughters in front of Kaname to and it wasn’t until I looked back at Kaname I noticed he was looking at me.


I fled from the balcony and went back to the windowless room. I leaned up against the door and tried to catch my breath again. How could I have been so stupid? All this time I’ve wished for Kaname myself and it could never happen, I’m human. All those girls offered to him were so pretty, he would never choose me. I was about to break out into tears when the door opened a little and hit my back.

“Ouch,†I sobbed rubbing my back.

“May I come in?†Kaname asked and in an instant I was backing away from the door as he let himself in. “I’m sorry about that,†He looked away from the door and towards me.

“Oh no, don’t apologise, it was my fault for sitting in front of the door, heh,†I said nervously as I rubbed my head.

“Why did you leave this room Yuki?â€

“I’m sorry, You can go back now.â€

“I’m finished, I’ve made my appearance.â€

“You can go back if you want, I won’t leave this room again, in fact,†I sat down of the couch, “I don’t think I want to.â€

“Have I upset you?†He asked sitting next to me. I looked at him for a while. I was thinking of telling him a lie but he hated how I didn’t tell him things.

“It’s just; all those girls were so pretty. It pretty much puts my dreams to an end.†I sulked and he pushed me back so I was lying down and that his torso was on top of me. I looked at his hands holding me down and my heart started racing.

“Exactly, what are your dreams Yuki?†He said his words soft in my face. I stuttered a few mumbles but I was too distracted by the position he had me in. He sighed and leaned down and lay his head on top of my chest. I looked down and he looked like he was in an uncomfortable position. It was as though he’d just been sitting and then flopped to the side. “I love you, Yuki Cross.†His words were pulsing through me as though he’d injected drugs into my system. I placed on hand on his head and the other on his back and took in the moment.

“And I love you.†I had never said it so straight out, but I didn’t want to deny my feelings anymore. He lifted his head and looked into my eyes.

“Your heart beat is racing,†He said moved up my body towards my face, “How much do you love me? Would you become a Vampire for me?â€


Was this question a tease? Why had he just asked me that? Was he testing me? What if he wasn’t? I want to be with him forever but I’m human that will never happen. Was that his offer of being with him for eternity? I felt my heart beat get even faster as I debated my answer. I didn’t know what the real answer should be. I didn’t know if I wanted to be a Vampire myself. Zero would hate me. I was dragged away from my thoughts as Kaname’s eyes turned red. My eyes opened wide. This was the second time I’d ever seen his eyes like this, the last time was when he had saved me that night I first met him. He moved his head towards my neck and I felt his tongue glaze over my skin. If it weren’t for my panicking the moment may have seemed erotic. What was he doing?

“I’m sorry,†He said sitting back up. His eyes were back to normal.

“It’s fine, why did you ask that?â€

“It’s the ultimate question isn’t it?†He smiled as I sat up by his side. He took my hand into his. “Giving someone the choice of living forever or staying mortal is tough. Unless that is, the choice of living forever comes in with living with the one you love forever. It’s quite easy to know which sounds better. I gave you the choice to see what your reaction would be.†I watched him as he spoke and he spoke of honesty. “I can easily live with you forever but the question is… could you live with me?â€

“Of course I could, for an eternity.†I said straight away.

“Yuki Cross,†There was something about the way he said this that made my heart pound, I think he noticed that to as he smiled wide, he took both my hands in his, “Will you become my lover?â€


He’d actually asked it. I blinked a few times to see if he was real and if this moment was real. My eyes gazed at our hands at then into his eyes. My dreams had become my reality and I felt invincible. This is the first time he’d touched me with any type of romantic connection. Then again every hug he’s given me has always has so much meaning in it, even when I was a child.

“Yes,†I replied after all my thoughts had finished swaying around in my mind.

“Well then, if this is your real answer, I have something to ask the both of you.†I got confused and turned around to see Zero standing in the door way. “Will you stop drinking her blood now that she is mine?†Zeros face flinched as he looked at the floor. As hurt as he seemed I doubt that it was that question that had hurt him. “Then we have an understanding.â€

“Get one thing straight.†Zeros voice was harsh and strong. “If you hurt Yuki or turn her into a Vampire,†He looked up and pure anguish was written all over his face, “I will kill you.â€

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The Last Night

Night 12



I was sent home without seeing Zero again that night. I was scared I had upset him, though it was pretty obvious I had. It was late into the night when I reached the school premises again and I was escorted straight to my room by my father and two Night Class students. I felt like demanding why I had been sent back in such a manor but I was to pre occupied with thinking about Kaname. I was now his girlfriend or as he put it lover. Knowing this made me feel invincible but it also made me feel worried. Was there a reason why he had asked me this? Was it so protect me from something? A few weeks ago he told me and Zero to be careful because they were expecting unexpected visitors here at the school.


My father bid me goodnight and I closed the door behind him and the others. I turned to get ready for bed but saw the room drenched in blood. I gasped and my reflex was to jump back with my hands over my face. My instant thoughts were that my roommate had been brutally murdered, but I could hear her sleeping peacefully. I split my fingers over my face to look again but it was still there. My head felt so light, this was worse than any hallucination I’d had before. I could smell the iron in the blood and it made me feel sick. I got to my feet, but everything was blurry. I reached my hands out in front of me, if I could just make it to my bed. I fell to my knees in the middle of the room. I put one hand on my face and the other on the floor. My head was pounding so hard. I felt something wet on my face I moved my hand away to see blood on both my hands. My body felt numb, as though poison was spreading through my system attacking my blood cells. My arms that were propping me up went weak and I lay on the floor curled up. I could feel the blood wet through my clothes and sinking into my skin. I put my hands over my head, crying. What was happening to me?


It was long into my weak moment that I felt cold air rush over me. I couldn’t move but I could feel someone standing over me. I wanted to move my arms, to just look, but I couldn’t. I felt the persons warm hands pick me up. It was Kaname, I was resting in his arms. He had entered through the wall length window, but so peacefully. I heard the door to the room open. I tried to look and I caught a glimpse of Zero.

“Let her go,†Zero said in a hushed tone. My roommate was she still here? Was this a dream? I felt so weak.


No more was said, not what I was aware of as Kaname leaped out the window onto the balcony above my room. I couldn’t quite see how he was moving but it was like he was climbing. The next thing I knew he was lying me down on the floor. I appeared to be on the roof. We were so close to the edge I could see the floor.

“I’m so sorry Yuki, I never meant for this to happen.†He leaned his head on mine, but I couldn’t reply. What did he mean? My head felt blurry and my movements didn’t even seem like movements. “I hoped this day would never come, but if this carries on you’ll die.â€


I watched as he bit into his wrist, he was drinking his own blood. My eyes started to droop; it hurt to keep them open. The next moment he was kissing me. All the blood he had just been sucking out was left in his mouth and he was dripping it into mine. I wanted to break free it felt so horrible. My body felt like dead flesh though and I couldn’t fight back. I panicked and my breathing got heavier as the blood started travelling down my throat. It wasn’t long before I didn’t feel like me anymore. I didn’t feel weak and helpless, my body could move again but then a slight pain soared through me. I could feel his blood fighting my blood cells. Had his vampire blood got into my blood stream so quick? I put my hand on his face and I felt him move away but I couldn’t open my eyes yet. My scalp burned along with my skin and my mind ached as I was getting flashbacks, but of what? Was this the unknown years of my life? I could see Kaname as a child and everything else clear.


I opened my eyes and he was standing clear right before my eyes. My eye sight had suddenly become more accurate. He was slightly smiling but I could tell he was unhappy. I felt something touch my skin where my hip was and I looked to see my hair. It had suddenly grown in the past few moments from my shoulders down to my waist. My love for Kaname was so much stronger now, I felt like I was mentally and physically attached to him.

“NO!†Zero’s voice shot through the air. Kaname stood up to face Zero and my heart just sank. I looked at Zero more closely and he stood right before Kaname, the Bloody Rose aimed right at his head. I heard the gun click, he had loaded the bullet. I jumped up to my feet and stood in front of Kaname, the gun now touching my forehead.

“No Zero, please don’t!†I screamed.

“Move aside Yuki!†He yelled, “I’m going to kill him.†He was so angry.

“You can’t Zero,†My heart sank and my blood pulsed, “He’s my brother.â€


Zero’s eyes widened as he stood in shock. His hand that was holding his gun fell to his waist and he watched us. I felt like my body was shutting down and very quickly. I blinked once and my eyesight was full of black dots. I took a step forwards but fell right onto Zero. I looked into his now worried eyes before I passed out. Needles did I know that when I woke up, I’d be waking up into a new world entirely.

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