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(2012, the winner of NASA's "most scientifically flawed film of all time" award)

I highly doubt that there are any believers of this 2012 rubbish out there any more, but incase you are one, this is to prove to you that NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!!


The videos kind of say it themselves really, so watch!


It's basically the internet and Hollywood doing their thing to mislead people :rolleyes:


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LOl I think the idea of 2012 is kind of funny because people base it off the Mayan calendar because that's the only year it goes up to and I think this is an illogical argument for a couple of reasons, the main one being that the Mayans just stopped counting at 2012 they didn't do it on purpose I don't believe - that's just what they calculated to. I mean, I can actually picture the conversation in my head:


Mayan guy 1: Bro...our calendar only goes up to 2012. I mean, we just couldn't calculate any further.

Mayan guy 2: HAHAHA OH mannnnnn, that's really gonna throw people for a loop once they get there! People are going to get all crazy ideas....


I liked the second video, but I couldn't help thinking "KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE ROAD!!!" xD But yeah, I'm pretty sure the world is NOT going to end. My roommate last year was so funny - her sister was a conspiracy theorist and was CONVINCED that the world was going to end on a specific Tuesday - and my roommate told me this the Sunday before the supposed Tuesday. Her sister gave her a backpack with all sorts of essential supplies - SPAM, flashlights, batteries, personal hygiene...I was like *facepalm*. And lo and behold, the world didn't end. I do think the world will end eventually, but in my opinion it will be man made because of our slow destruction of the world's natural resources. Very cool topic though, and a very controversial one!

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