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  1. ^^ yeah but to transcend the life/death cycle you would have to brake the karma cycle. And that sounds pretty impossible to me, because we are always creating new karma. Transcending life/death is one aspect of enlightenment, I think a very big part of it is transcending your 6 senses, the 6th one being your mind. Once you are no longer a slave to what you see, hear, smell, speak, taste, think..you start becoming enlightened because you see the world from a different perspective. You become more in touch with your higher self and God. You no longer judge everything, you are one with everyth
  2. The catholic church is downright twisted and evil. I mean c'mon, even the pope says retarded things in public. What's more shocking is that people STILL don't question tradition. I'm not going to give my reasons as to why I not only think, but know that the catholic church is against God. There's plenty of information on the topic. Anyway, I think all religions are against God. I don;t think the teachings are evil, but the concept of organized religion is. Spirituality is something so personal and unique. It shouldn't be be categorized, labeled or flaunted. It's so annoying when people are
  3. depends where i'm going, out of the country I pack lightly, so I can come back with loads of stuff. Traveling in the country=overloaded. Surfboards, fire poi, musical instruments, airbed, rain coat you name I have it.
  4. Since I got an epic blender, I pretty much live off smoothies.
  5. In first year I used to eat a crap load of greasy slices of pizza. It was awesome, for a while. Now that I'm dong my Master's, I barely hang around uni so I just cook my own stuff at home.
  6. Not much, never been a fan. I prefer soy milk.
  7. Agreed, it will end due to man's idiocy. But then again, a meteor could just hit us at anytime and wipe most/all of us out, and I bet scientists totally won't be able to predict it. But yeah, life goes on.
  8. South Africa has like the most epic national anthem. It's in 5 of the 11 official languages. I sometimes randomly sing it lol And I remember having to sing it in primary school every morning haha http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1pVfhd1tLdU
  9. Cape Town- South Africa- Table Mountain obviously, psy-trance parties, some of the best beaches in the world, wine, lots of wind,epic scenery, Robben Island.
  10. BS, there is no war on drugs, only greedy and corrupted people making money.
  11. It sounds like a good interview, but was it translated in google languages or something? Kinda, like, hard to follow.
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