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Emma's new boyfriend?

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Jumping the wagon a bit too much there, cool down.


ummm I don't think I'm the only one who thinks that these photos should not be posted.

But sorry Dave, I already apologized to junkie, the topic starter. should of said 'I' not 'we'.

I apologize to you too, if my opinion bothered you. Cool as ice here.

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I think pictures are no big deal even if they could be less numerous, but it makes me ill at ease when I read all these statements about the guy-is he handsome or not, etc. I mean, this is not a private place, and I wouldn't like people to talk about my boyfriend's appearance in this way. And we don't have much to say about her relationships anyway, except for "I'm glad for her" and all that stuff. But it's true that her hair is quite perfect he he !

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