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  1. Yeah that's what I thought too at first but I think it's just the outfit that gives this feeling.
  2. Ok, thanks ! Are you a teacher ? I don't think I'll go see it, I'm not very fond of musicals...
  3. what is going on with Matilda ? is there a movie or something ? I only know the book, it's one of my favourites children stories
  4. Hum, I would run away ! I would ok to give up my lifestyle, but not for that one What would you do if Emma asked you to help her cheating during an exam ?
  5. Not sure about Dumbledore... Maybe he would see her sister, but I think there would be something with Harry too... Or he would see his old dreams of power, but I do think he's done with them.
  6. I don't think I'd enjoy being with any of the characters of Harry Potter, except maybe for Lupin... I'd love to date a wizard, though, but as I'm already kind of engaged, it would be perfect if my boyfriend happened to be one
  7. It is such a shame that some people love nothing more than taking pictures of famous people when they're not at their top/don't agree. I mean, what's the point ?
  8. I watched it a few months ago (I'm French) and had a really nice time, it's a beautiful movie, but in my opinion it is not a masterpiece, even if the actors are great. Still, it is a movie that everybody can enjoy, because there are several ways to watch it.
  9. What would you do if Emma asked you to be her first child's godfather/mother ?
  10. Love the hair and the outfit, but I think she wears too much make up... Her eyes don't need this, and for the lips, I'd rather like a real lipstick or nothing... But she's lovely.
  11. i think mine could be a beaver, because it's at its ease both on earth and in the water... but as someone else already said, we can't really know.
  12. I think I would go to Ravenclaw... Or maybe Gryffindor, but Ravenclaw would suit me most, I believe.
  13. yeah well it's pretty cool, but it's mainly made for children. that's not fair because the first generation of Harry Potter fans is around 20-25 now I loved to learn more about MacGonagall, though, she has always been one of my favorite characters. but I'd like to be able to chat with people, to have a forum to share our thoughts about the books... i think they should have waited more to open it, it's obviously not ready : only one book, come on ! but I guess there were some commercial interest in not waiting too long.
  14. I'd love to find there some new running shoes, mine are like dead And some chocolate too.
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