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Nope i'd get mega bored :P The way i see it there's nothing fascinating about living forever when all the people you know and love die. I think you end up being corrupted and sad. Also i think it'd be a really dangerous weapon in the wrong hands, so #3 option for me, i'd destroy it.

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Living forever is highly overrated. I would use it to get insanely wealthy, do some good in the world and of course also do some nice things for myself. And then after like a hundred years or so I pass it on to someone else and die peacefully.


Or I would use it to TAKE OVER THE WORLD!

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It's a beginner's mistake to ask for eternal life and forgetting to ask for eternal youth. What good is it to live for 200 years when your body feels as if it's 200 years old? I might use it like Maestro: Keep it while it's fun, then pass it on.

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