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  1. Lenka bring me down!!!! First heard it in a dulux paint commercial...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7N-jEuu8PDw
  2. I would probably try to compliment her on her clothes and maybe try not to act like as big of a fan as I actually am,(or else I might scare her... )
  3. It would be fun to use but you would super wrinkly and you would then have to deal with the sun blowing up and global warming and stuff. and if everyone else died because of those things, you would be all alone!
  4. I think she was really interesting in the 4th movie but her acting skills were showcased much better in Dh1 and DH2.
  5. wow, all those pictures are beautiful!
  6. Who doesnt love her? Shes Hermione! <3
  7. I love the name and I would name my daughter that but there are so many more interesting names out there. I would probably name one girl dawn, one girl April and one girl June.
  8. What email address did you send it to?
  9. My mind is officially blown. Can you teach me how to knit like that?
  10. Well I guess thats a good question since his cats eyes are red but I dont think that hes evil, instead I think that hes grumpy and unsure of himself since he is a squib.
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