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  1. I really can't see Emma playing this type of role. But if she ever decided to, as always, I would look forward to her performance.
  2. I agree. I love Emma. And I love Hermione. But they were never really melded together in a good way throughout the movies. In the first three movies Emma and Hermione were closely matched, but as the movies progressed, Hermione turned into Emma, instead of Emma looking like Hermione. 1) Hermione has long brown busy hair. It was never straight, blonde, or shoulder length. 2) Hermione was definitely not as fashion forward as her outfits were in the later movies. Those are the things that I have noticed the most.
  3. cell phone yes! is a vegetarian?
  4. Getting ready for work!! grrr
  5. I actually think that I would not be interested in this sort of film. Although that is really irrelevant, because Emma will only continue to work on her performance skills and move out of the Hermione role in a quicker fashion. Whatever decision she makes I am interested in reading more about her roles (upcoming or otherwise....)
  6. I'm not going to lie. I think I would use it if there was a chance that I could stay 'young' forever definitely.
  7. I can't believe how fast her hair grows. In all honesty, I wish my hair was like that. She has an extremely versatile look.
  8. I personally think that Filtch is just looking for attention and approval in his life, and that is why he is easily controlled within the castle. He is neither good nor evil perhaps? I have never really figured out what I learned from Filch except for the fact that he made such interesting little diversions from the main storyline in all of the books.
  9. I always dreamed of them being together! It's almost too perfect for me. I can't wait to hear more about it, I mean, while still respecting their privacy.
  10. I'm back, this has always been my favorite forum. The one I started on back in 2007 when I first became a fan of Emma. I'm so glad to be back! Hopefully I'll be staying. Any questions, just ask!
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