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Chapter 3

I feel the breeze on my neck as the Gryffindor Common Room portrait keeps opening and closing as students enter. I think I can smell Fred's scent as the breeze goes by, but evidently I cannot. I stare out the window looking up at the sky. I am thinking about how empty my world feels without him. I'm alone. Remembering sends me into many blissful recollections. Memoire.


December 6th, 1994

I was walking back up to the common room from studying with Snape, when I heard Fred calling from behind I looked at him but didn’t stop walking. He was pacing quickly to catch up. Holding my quill I kept my eyes straight, concentrating hard on getting to the Gryffindor common room. I didn’t really want to stop for another awkward conversation.

“You have a date already?†Fred asked stoked.

“Just like you, you mean?†I said disappointed and a little annoyed.

“That’s not very fair Hermione.†He frowned at me.

“So, you go ask Angela to the ball in front of me and then give me grief because I was asked by someone first? What’s this about Fred? Is it because you thought you’d got in there first?†I glanced at him, he could tell I was hurt, but, so was he, knowing that someone had already beaten him to the chase. “I can’t believe you did it in front of me. You had no hesitation. When I got asked I hesitated, thinking you’d ask me at some point. Now I’m glad I said yes.†He walked behind me up the staircase as Durmstrang students wondered down the staircase past us. I could tell Fred felt bad and he realised he had done wrong because he wasn’t replying. I had evidently caught him off guard.

“Who is he then?†He asked. I turned on him on the staircase.

“None of your business,†I said and carried on walking up more steps, I felt a surge of guilt and looked back at him. “I’m sorry Fred.†I sighed and carried on up the staircase, but, he didn’t follow. I walked down the 7th floor corridor and straight into the common room behind 5th years. They were all chatting about the Yule Ball and their dates. This made me think; maybe it was only Harry and Ronald without dates. I went straight up to my dormitory to put my quill away. I slipped it in to the drawer on my bedside table and clipped my fringe back in the mirror. Did I do the right thing? Saying yes to Krum?




December 18th, December

I hadn’t spoken to Fred much since we had the talk on the stairs. We were both still very disappointed in each other for finding out we both had other dates rather than going with each other. I acknowledged some of his and George’s jokes from time to time, to keep the peace, but that’s as far as it went for me. It was hard to hide my feelings he had cursed upon me. I was seeing my date for the Yule Ball often. Though we didn’t talk much, he showed he cared for me. I didn’t really have many feelings towards him, but, I think he did. Out of all the fan girls that were close on his tail he chose me, even though I wasn’t one of those fan girls. Maybe that’s why he liked me? We spent some lunches together and we spent most nights together. No one really noticed I was gone, unless they needed help with their work, in which I made the excuse of, that I was studying in the library, which wasn’t a lie. I was, just with Krum close by my side. He had many of his fan girls following him and sitting on tables not too far from us. It was rather invading, but, it was something I had to get used to. The more time I spent with Krum, the more I found out about him. He was rather kind and caring towards me and he didn’t really talk about Quidditch much to me either.


I was walking back from class with Harry and Ronald; walking up the Grand Staircase we hit the last lesson rush. We had a free period so we were taking an hour out in the common room to study before dinner. I’d probably be the only one studying, they usually sit and talk then ask me for the answers. I kept my eyes on the stairs to avoid any stares from other students, mainly Krum’s fan girls.

“Hey Hermione?†Ronald said, it wasn’t really a question and I hummed as if to tell him yes. “You don’t half get millions of glares.†I looked at him with piercing eyes. “I’m just saying, I haven’t seen one girl not glare at you… No wait-“A Gryffindor 3rd year was rushing past, but, at last minute she glared at me, “Oh no look, she glared.†I sighed.

“Shut up Ronald.†I said as Harry chuckled along with Ronald. I had no intention of telling them I was going to the Yule Ball with Krum. I sighed again and entered the common room heading straight for my favourite couch. Walking in I noticed Fred was sitting on one of the couches, my favourite one. Harry and Ronald took seats on the other one seated couches, which left me the seat next to Fred. I sat down unwillingly trying not to catch any unwanted attention. Fred smiled at me, pleased to see me sitting with him. I smiled lightly back; I didn’t want him to get the wrong idea. My heart was pounding, sitting this close, I could smell his scent. It was so sweet. He wasn’t one of those lads to overdose on men’s cologne. I was leaning forward and I could feel his eyes on my back. We were sitting rather close as the couch wasn’t really spacious.

“Where’s George?†I asked Fred concerned.

“Upstairs playing Wizard Snaps with Seamus.†He replied.

“Wicked,†Ronald shouted excitedly and dragging Harry up to the dormitory with him, leaving me and Fred alone.


They loved playing games; they’d probably go and join in or watch. I now felt a little uneasy and opened my book and started to read, though I wasn’t really taking it in. I repeated the same line 4 times or so when Fred leaned closer to me sending my mind wild. He closed the book slowly and looked at me; I couldn’t find It in my heart to look back at him.

“I can hear you heart from here.†His voice was soft, kind of like a whisper, but he was still very close. I looked up at him and smiled. “Let’s call it truce, Hermione. I can’t take it anymore.†My smile faded a little and I shuffled away from him; I didn’t like the begging sound in his voice. “Please Hermione. It’s been months. It hurts.†I lowered my head not really wanting to reply.

“Fred,†I didn’t know what to say, this was the first time in a long time we’d had chance to talk, “It won’t be the same. We both have feelings for each other now that we can’t hide.†I said. “We both have other people now; it’s time we concentrate on them.†Though I wasn’t in a relationship with Krum, he was just my partner for the ball. Fred looked at me, hurt by my reply.

“Hermione I want you, in my life,†This burned me a great deal, “If not as my partner then as a friend. We didn’t really start a relationship before, we just tried things out. We didn’t have any physical contact so there shouldn’t be much of a scar. We have feelings yes, but, can’t we put them aside and act reasonable, at least for the others. George has noticed something is up.†He was smiling, but, he was that much of a fun loving person he always smiled. Even during arguments.

“Fine, I’ll call it truce with you. But please, don’t do anything more than friendship.†I stated.

“I won’t, Hermione. I promise.†He grinned at me and I smiled back. I felt warm inside. I come to realise that I had actually missed this. “Hug it out?†He grinned and I cocked my head to the side. He chuckled, “I’m joking, and hand shake will do.†He nodded slightly. I shook his hand and giggled with him. Fred was back and the piece of me that had felt lost for 3 months was now back too. My aim now was to hide my feelings and be his friend.

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aww its cute<33 great job, now this has gotten to to start type up my next chapter too hehe

Aww thank you, ;D


I'm loving it and can't wait to read more of it :) nice chapter Jade!

Thank you hun, (:


Well done Jade, I can't wait for more! Keep up the great writing ;)

N'aww thanks dude! <3

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I thought i'd do this just incase people are wondering if i've only done 4 chapters to this. I will do a quick Chapter update.



Chapter 1, Part 1

Chapter 1, Part 2

Chapter 2, Part 1

Chapter 2, Part 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4



Chapter 4

I am sitting on my bed in the Girls Dormitory looking at my bedside table. I am looking at what lies upon the bedside table. At the moment it is empty apart from a necklace. A necklace with a model of a dragon attached to it. I'm trying to find simplicity… I smile, thinking to myself of the memory that come with this necklace. Memoire.



December 17th, 1994

It is 1 weeks before the Yule Ball and I find myself not too excited. I haven't really had any good contact with Krum and I'm not really looking forward to it. It's a regular Friday so i'm waiting for the last lesson of the day, Herbology, to finish. I had arranged to meet Fred after the class, he'd most likely be waiting outside. Then, I was meeting Krum later on tonight for a bit on should I say 'alone time.' Harry and Ronald aren't in class because they wound up in detention with Professor Snape for blowing up their cauldren. They really did hate him, but then again Professor Snape wasn't to appealed to them either.


Professor Sprout kept looking upon me for answers to queries she had, and of course everyone found it annoying that I knew the answers. But the Gryffindor's didn't complain because they were the ones I was earning points for. The Slytherin's weren't so nice, especially as I had Draco Malfoy in my class. I glanced across to him as I heard him snickering to his friends.

"You dirty rotten snitch." He said straight to me. I pulled a sarcastic smile to him and he never said anything back. I knew better than to retaliate. I couldn't say the same for Ronald though. The lesson pulled to a finish and leaving the greenhouse I found Fred waiting across the grass bank under a tree. I smiled and carried on walking over to him.

"Take your time." He said grinning.

"It's an hour lesson; we don't all have free periods you know." I smiled. "Where's George?"

"Hospital Wing, we had an accident with a potion we were making." He chuckled and I started to walk back to the school and he followed by my side.

"You know, I didn't think you'd have it in you Weasley." Draco shouted across the yard, but we both ignored him.

"So, George is in the hospital wing because of a potion you two were brewing." I said just to get it right, he nodded. "Haven't you learnt your lesson by now?"

"Hermione, we're having fun. But hey, we're almost done. Soon we'll have a potion that can turn you blue in the face!" I frowned, "Quite literally." I knew he was being literal anyway. Then I clicked in an instant.

"Oh gosh, did he drink the potion?" Fred laughed.

"We do take it in turns to try them out you know. We want it to turn you blue in the face. But not stop you from breathing to turn you blue in the face." He joked about it but he was serious.

"Fred!" I was shocked he was so happy about it. "Is he okay?" I queried.

"Yeah, yeah, he's fine." He said and we were now walking up the grand staircase. I started to think about Fred and George and what a silly combination they make together.

"I don't know aye. You two can put 2 and 2 together and get 1." I giggled and Fred chuckled as his reply.


We walked up to the common room and sat down on separate couches. I looked around through all the people seeing if Harry and Ronald were back. Knowing Snape they wouldn't be for a couple of hours yet. 'I wonder if they'll miss the feast?' I looked at Fred and he seemed to be staring at Seamus who was playing Wizard Snaps.

"You can go play with them, if you like." I said to be nice.

"Nah its fine, some quality time with Hermione, while I can that is, is fine by me." He grinned.

"Was that sarcastic?" I asked smiling.

"Well no... It wasn't... It can be if you want it to be though." He chuckled. I smiled and looked down at my bag and books by my feet.

"I'll just pop these upstairs." I said and picked my things up. He nodded and went back to looking at the other playing Wizard Snaps. I shook my head half disappointed and walked up to my dormitory. I piled my stuff into drawers and under my bed and went back down. Fred was now staring into the fire. I walked back him and broke off his gaze and he started looking at me. "I'm really hungry." I said as my belly rumbled.

"Let’s go down to the Great Hall, others are going down now anyway." He said standing up and we both made our way down to the Great Hall.


Getting into the Great Hall we sat down. I happened to ironically sit on the side of the table where I had a good view of where Victor was sitting. I looked at him and he waved towards me. A few girls looked around to see who he'd waved at and I smiled and looked at Fred. He had sat next to me. Fred started to talk to me and every now and again I'd glance at Victor. His eyes were set on me. We had told no one we were going with each other. Everyone assumed he was taking Fleur. Victor's eyes were menacing sometimes like he was jealous of Fred. After these few awkward moments for me I kept my gaze away from him, I’d see him after anyway. The food appeared and the other still weren't here. I sighed and started filling my plate up. It was a Friday so I was treating myself to a high fattening dinner. I had chips, chicken smothered in breadcrumbs and beans. After I finished I was very satisfied. I picked up a couple of cupcakes and took one last glace to where Victor should have been. He was gone. I tried not to make it obvious and turned to Fred.

"Thanks for meeting me today." I said. "It's been great catching up." I continued standing up.

"You're going?" He asked looking upset.

"Sorry Fred, I don't feel too good."

"I'll come up with you, just hang o-"

"No it's fine, I’ll be fine." I said smiling warmly and walking off out holding my cupcakes. I passed George on my way out, he was heading in. "Oh George, are you okay?"

"Heck, I am now." He chuckled jogging into the Great Hall to dine. I smiled towards him and carried on out of the Great Hall and down into the dungeons. I went straight down to Snape's classroom, luckily he weren't there. I used my wand to send the 4 cupcakes in. They both looked very happy to see me and were about to talk when Snape entered the room again from the opposite side. They hid the cupcakes and I ducked in the doorway so he couldn't see me. I crept out of the dungeons and once I was out I ran back up to the Entrance Hall. I checked around and headed into the grounds wrapping my robe around me.


I knew where I was going right away. I went past the stone circle and down the steps. I walked past Hagrid's hut and I almost slipped because it was so icy. I went down through some tree's to the lake where Victor was standing skipping rocks across the lake. The sounds of my feet against the pebbles on the floor by the lake, brought me to his attention. He grinned, looking very happy, happier than I was.

"Hermione," He said coming up to me and embracing me. I feared he liked me a lot more than I liked him. He gave me a quick hug. He was so broad in the shoulders. "No books I see?" He said in his adorable accent.

"Oh. No. I dropped them off at the tower." I replied.

"Nice. How're you?" He asked.

"I'm good." I said despite the fact I wasn't my mind was puzzling with feeling for him and Fred. "You?" I finally asked back.

"I'm fine." It was good to talk with him, but, he could barely talk, and make sense, back. "Good day?"

"Yeah, I suppose, didn't really learn much though."

"Ah, but that is become you're already very intellectual." He said and it made me blush. He was so sweet. "I got this for you." He said and I took a small box off him. I didn't like people buying things for me. I opened the little box up and inside laid a necklace with a model of a silver dragon. "These are very rare in Bulgaria, the dragon that is." He smiled hoping I’d like it, and I did.

"Thank you Victor, you shouldn't have." I said. This is what every girl said when they got a gift. I sighed.

"You don't like it?" He said taking in my sigh negatively.

"No I do, honestly, it's pretty." I smiled.

"I thought of its rareness and thought of you." I felt giddy inside.

"It's lovely Victor." I smiled, looking up at his face now.

"I like you Hermione..." He said, "I like how you call me Victor and not Krum like everybody else."

"Well it is your name right?" I said and he chuckled and turned back to skipping rocks across the murky lake water. This whole time it felt as though someone was watching. I looked around in the woods behind us, but saw nothing.

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The thing is with this fiction. The video gave me the will to write it. As it was taken down, I've lost the inspiration. Meaning the chapters is getting useless and the updating is coming months at a time. I know I have 40 comments and I have wasted your time with this, but I totally respect you all for this.


I have been working on a new Harry Potter fiction though lately. One I cannot lose my inspiration with. I started it on another forum 3 years ago and got like 240 odd comments on it. I also even got asked to make a part 2 which I did. So, keep your eyes open if you want to. (:


Sorry once again and Thank You. <3


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