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I know I might be beating a dead horse asking this question on this forum but are there any recreational shooters here? Quite particularly target shooting.



As all know I am an avid gun enthusiast and would like to know if anyone else here is one as well.




As of right now I have three guns but all are of military origin/ military style. A Mosin Nagant 91/30, IJ-70 Makarov, and a Saiga AK in .223 / 5.56x45mm.



A friend of mine recently bought a rifle and pistol for target shooting and got me interested again in the sport. Before I used to do modern pentathlon where one of the events was air pistol shooting. Once in a while my buddies and I will take a range day just to do skeet/trap shooting with their shotguns. Most other times we just go to the range and shoot whatever we have for fun. I'm looking to get myself a .22lr target pistol in order to re-hone my marksmanship and for friendly competition with my friends. (I'm also considering on getting a bullseye style air pellet pistol as well for the same purpose)


So, any shooters here?

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My older brother is real into it. From memory he has a

Tika .223

Reminton .22

Lee Enfield .303, Cut down, not full wood unfortunatley.

Reminton 870 12 gauge

Some random slug gun.


He does a decent amount of rabbit, possum and goat shooting. A little bit of Deer shooting.

I'm not so much a big fan of shooting animals, done a bit of rabbit shooting. But quite interested in target shooting.

I wasted him in clay bird shooting once, he couldn't believe it

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I haven't really gotten into a lot of game hunting save for hog and rabbit hunting once in a while because everything else requires a license. I honestly don't want to spend the money on getting one. (Rabbit and hogs don't require one since they're regarded as pest species 'round here)


I have been bouncing around the idea of doing single or three-gun 'competitions' with some of my friends. Do some 'regulation' target shooting with .22 pistol and .22 rifle and then finishing off with skeet/trap shooting. I might as well just buy a shotgun too if no one in the group has one. The loser of the day buys drink for everyone haha.

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What about tactical? Or tactical 'style' shooting?



I wouldn't really regard it as a sporting kind of shooting but still fun nonetheless. Kinda like doing the training mission in Modern Warfare / Battlefield games but... with guns and bullets.

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