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I think your gonna have a heart attack when you see the bling ring.




I found it so funny when she said that it was awkward when Logan put his hands on her, uhm, breasts. In fact he put his hands above them on her upper body. She was really pushed to her limits with the part of "Sam". Something like this never would have happend at Hogwarts..... :blush:

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I paid to see the movie and I will be buying the DVD as ssoon as it comes out, this being said, I've been watching Perks the last few days on the net. It's in Russian and I can't understand what they're saying but I just couldn't resist because I wanted to see it so bad again. It's not really stealing and like I said I did pay for myself, my daughter and her friend to go and see it when it came out and I will buy the DVD as soon as it's out. I love Emma, Logan and I'm even a huge fan of Mae Whitman without anything due to Perks. She voices Katara on "Avatar" the cartoon series and I'm a huge fan. Anyways does anyone know if Emma will be attending the People's Choice Awards for 2013. She, Perks and HP are all nominated and I hope they all win. I voted and voted until my fingers got tired and my head hurt and I had to do "mommy wife stuff" for my family. I hope Emma is at the People's Choice Awards if she isn't I don't think I'll bother watching. :)

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