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Thanks all ^_^


Funny what you're capable of doing at 1:15am lol, haven't had much time for graphics lately... I think I'm getting a bit bored of making them after eight long years, thought I'd never hear myself say that!


this is really interesting! love it!

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Awww I love that, it's sweet! Nice texture too. :)

Thanks Ingrid :)


aww its cute<33

Thank you!


Oh that is really sweet. Love the colours of the font. It really matches I like the mood

Aww, glad you like it. Thanks :)


I really like it, so cute.

Thanks BoMa!


This update is bloody brilliant !!!! excellent !!! :yesyes::ohyeah:

:D Thank you so much. The guy in your signature is :drool:



Ehh, sorry for the lack of font. The Photoshop I'm using won't let me install new fonts, looks better without it to be honest.

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