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Aww, it's great fun. Thank you! I am currently doing a photography diploma but up until February this year I didn't do any related to photography.


luv your new set! as soon as I got the photos, I started editing like crazeee. You know the client's material is so good hehe.

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Thanks ^_^ I've let this topic die, huh? Haven't had enough time or ideas for graphics this year. I made this for the e-w.net facebook page, pretty simple as usual haha but I quite like it.


i love this! it's simple and cute! :)

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It's glamorous, absolutely pretty. Simple but perfect.

Aww, thank you so much Boma :)


i love this! it's simple and cute! :)

Thanks Ashley!


Simple but I like the colour tone! How did you cut so perfectly?!

I always zoom in very closely and use the eraser brush, adjust the diameter and hardness when I get to the tiny gaps or make it bigger when I get to the straighter parts i.e. her legs or arms and just try to keep it as smooth as possible. Finding a picture which has a darkish (or light if you're making a lightly coloured graphic) background is helpful too.

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