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Happy 18th Birthday Emmy !

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So the big day has finally come :king: ...Congrats!...and I have some presents ofc...


A cake....


Heels with practical secondary use....



A little extra when heels are not enough....



A bag to carry the above in style....


And finally a friend for you-know-who..... :D


Hope you will get lots more ! :hug:


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Happy birthday Emma! =)


I bought you a cow... because... hey! Who can't use a cow?


They give milk


They don't talk too much


They're cute


They're a good conversation starter when you don't know what to talk about.  "Hey.. did I ever tell you about my pet cow?"


ummm... that's all I can think of.  Hope you like it!  Not sure when it will get there, but I sent it on the next cargo ship across the Atlantic.


Have the bestest birthday EVER! <3

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Thank you so much everyone for your lovely messages :D


Chris : Thanks for creating this post and for your lovely presents, the heels are hot :P Is that a friend for Djune? lol

Jon : Thanks for the cow, I don't really know where it will stay though, I have no place at home lol But I will take good care of it ;)

Jia : Thanks for the cake, I ate it all yum yum

Tom : I'M IN LOVE :o They are so perfect and cute, you did an awesome job there I love it!


I had an awesome day, thank you again :)

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