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Richard Griffiths dead

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Famed actor Richard Griffiths, known for his role as Vernon Dursley in the Harry Potter series, has passed away at age 65 from complications following heart surgery, USA Today reports.

Richard died on Thursday (March 28), according to his agent Simon Beresford, at the University Hospital in Coventry, central England.

Simon stated that Richard was “a remarkable man and one of our greatest and best-loved actors.â€

“I was proud to say I knew him,†Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe commented about his death.

Our thoughts go out to Richard‘s family and friends during this tragic time.


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I heard this news this morning and was going to post but couldn't bring myself to do it. He was a great actor and for me he will be dearly missed. May he rest in peace.


I didn't know he was that old but we are talking 10 years in the franchise. It's sad to hear about his operation. :(

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