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Emma's now on Instagram!

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LOL no definitely not addicted Ashley...I def get the impression that social media is not something she loves to do like other celebrities which I am cool with. Some of these celebrities share too much.

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Well, maybe - in contrast to those celebrities - she has nothing really important to share.....

*takes a deep breath*


I follow a few celebrities who just post a million pictures of themselves working out or in their bathing suits.


No celebrity has anything important to share.

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Hmm, there was this staged shooting with Matt. Emma & boyfriend in bathing suits, spread allover the world by her pr-team.

Come on!

Oh you mean paparazzi?

The people who stalk celebrities?


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Sorry, Ashley, but if you really believe that the pics at the beach were "pap-shoots", then you are..... well, addicted to fairytales.

This was a perfect staged shooting. If you know Emma a bit, you know how she is looking when there are paps....

But, after all, good work, Luke!

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Well it's been 20 days, and only one picture. Let's not be too hasty haha ! 


What do you expect? She said more then once that she hates social media, facebook, instagram .... and so on. This account is for PR - purposes only and all we will see are staged pics, posted by Luke Windsors people. This account on instagram is so genuinly Emma like the account of The Queen.

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