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Uh oh, I can't click the numbered links but can see the preview images. That's why I planned on uploading them all to tinypic or something but decided against it, too many >.<

Ah. D: What were they pictures of?

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Hello guys...this is going to be my first post here...


I think they did quite a good job with the second part of DH, although there were some parts I didn't like.


I still can't understand why the villians(in this case Voldy and Bella) always have to go to pieces...can't they simply DIE, like in the books?


And WHY does Harry break the Elder Wand without fixing his own before? Stupid!


And as for Minerva McGonagall sending the Slytherin students to the dungeons....that's simply out of character!




But of course there were also many great moments which I really liked.

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She is, but that don´t mean that she can write something other than Potter. For example the Author Boris Leonidovich Pasternak has only written Doctor Zhivago. Nothing more.


And nice that there are Potter Marathons out there, but here in Germany you have to make them yourself^

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