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  1. thanks for the welcome and thanks for the advice!
  2. Hello there I just registered in this forum.... I just turned 21 yesterday and I live in Germany. I study english and history to become a highschool-teacher one day. I also work as a waitress to pay for my expensive hobbies I love reading, playing instruments, I do LARP and Reenactement(medieval), love festivals and concerts, I'm a fan of british movies and actors/actresses...that's about it I'd say if you want to know more just ask Oh and I have one question? Why are certain areas of the forum "restricted"? For example why can't I enter the "Girls" board, even though I am a girl??
  3. Sometimes the cover is better than the original Nightwish-Phantom of the Opera Leaves' Eyes-To France Atrocity-The sun always shines on TV Terminal Choice-Don't go Minerve-Here comes the rain again
  4. Ophelia


    I love opera....seen a few but most of them I only heard on CD I saw: Fidelio Lulu Aida Parcival(yes, the WHOLE!! more than five hours) Magic Flute and I love listening to it...my favourite arias are Mozart(Magic Flute)-Oh zittre nicht mein lieber Sohn(known as the queen of the night-aria) Puccini(Gianni Schicci)-O mio babbino caro Puccini(Turandot)-Nessun Dorma Bizet(Carmen)-Habanera Verdi(Nabucco)-Va pensiero Bizet-Pearlfisher's duet Purcell(Dido and Aeneas)-Dido's lament(known as "Remember me") Bellini(Norma)-Casta Diva Cassidy(Hannibal)-Vide cor meum Wagner(Tristan und Isolde)-Herr T
  5. Judi Dench-Cabaret keeps on spinning in my head for a week now
  6. I love classical music and opera!! My favourites are Bach-Matthäuspassion(the whole work) Brahms-Ein deutsches Requiem(the whole...but 2. and 6.part are my favourites) Händel-Wassermusik Purcell-Music for a while Purcell-Remember me(from Dido and Aeneas) Wagner-Tristan und Isolde(my favourite Opera) Telemann-Concert for viola Grieg-Peer Gynt Suite(especially "Hall of the mountain king") Tschaikowsky-Swan Lake Saint-Saens-Carnaval des animeaux Verdi-requiem Puccini-O mio babbino caro(from Gianni Schicci) .....
  7. it changes....at the moment: Katzenjammer-A bar in Amsterdam Placebo-Post-Blue Deine Lakaien-Over and done Omnia-Dance until we die Within Temptation-Sinead could make a new list every month
  8. Placebo Hurts Within Temptation(three times) Tarja Turunen Katzenjammer Fiddlers Green I think these six are quite well-known....the other bands were all smaller and either folk/medieval or goth/industrial and some metal Unheilig(three times) Eluveitie(three times) Subway to Sally(nine times) Saltatio Mortis(sixteen times) Schelmish(seven times) Coppelius(five times) Qntal(fifteen times) Estampie(four times) Al Andaluz(five times) Schandmaul(three times) In Extremo(three times) Leaves Eyes(three times) Epica(twice) Finntroll Tarot The 69eyes VNV Nation Bauhaus Ministry Angelspit TYske Ludd
  9. Ophelia


    I stumbled across them in 2003 and they opened my eyes to a very different type of music. My favourite songs are: Passion and the opera Devil and the deep dark ocean Gethsemane The Kinslayer She is my sin Over the hills and far away Phantom of the Opera(great cover!!) Dead to the World Slaying the dreamer Planet Hell although I like almost all the songs with Tarja I just don't really like Anette...her voice is soo common! But I still loved "The Islander", "7 days to the wolves" and "Last of the Wilds" from "Poet and the Pendulum" I must admit I don't know the new album yet....though
  10. I was quite a big fan at the age of 10....but my taste of music has changed since then. I still listen to some song from "Stripped" from time to time though
  11. bagpipes clarinet transverse flute recorder(sporanino,soprano,alto,tenor) tin whistle used to do a lot of classic when I was younger but at the moment more folk and jazz
  12. NO!!! Certainly not! Within Temptation-Sinead @Provehito in Altum: yes, guilty! Love Marcos voice!
  13. Things can't go on as they are in Israel! The Arabs need their own state! I've been to Israel and the discrimination and unfairness that happened there every day made me want to SCREAM! Doesn't the world see this injustice? You can't take aways their country without asking permission...you can't just tell them to go live somewhere else! Israel has been their home for a thousand years!! I say it will be a long way until they will have peace in gaza. But creating a new state would be a start...although I'm sure they won't accept it without a fight if Jerusalem fell to the jews(which it cer
  14. Helen McCrory, who played Narcissa Malfoy in the last three movies, should originally play Bellatrix but she had to quit due to pregnacy. This is why Helena Bohnam Carter got the part.
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