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If You Could Choose Any Role To Be In...

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If you had the option of being the star of any movie your wanted, what genre of movie would you want to play in (ie drama, horror)?


In addition, if you had the chance to be the lead role in a movie that Emma Watson was in (she is the "lead" supporting actress) what genre would it be?


For the first question, I would say that the movie I would be in is a drama, romance, or thriller.


For the second, I would have to have a few prerequisites fulfilled. First, it would have to be an "actual" romance movie (NOT comedy romance, NOT sexual relations romance, but of the original romances (it's hard to explain)). Also, I would have to write the screenplay for it. I personally believe that we both would work together perfectly in the roles (we both would be playing ourselves).

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I'd go for adapting some Wh40K for the big screen.....which is kind of a dark and gloomy post-modern sci-fi setting.

Kind of a mix of Band of brothers, David Lynchs Dune, and Judge Dredd.

But I'd give Emma the lead role because the (epic trilogy :P) story would be built around her character. Not really sure if I could actually physically survive playing the main support character.

(I guess I'd rather go for set & prop design)

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I'd like to be in a romantic movie with Emma,She'd be the ex who is trying to win the lead male back and I'd be the new girl who he's with


Who'd win though?


Would she be a psycho, I have loads of material for a character like that, I know loads of psychos

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For the first one, I would take part in some kind of horror film coz it's really exciting!

For the second one, I would want to be the boy of Emma's dream! Of coz, I would not be in love with her, that would make me awesome!

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