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I Love Her so much, Went to her concert when she came to Rochester. I almost met her at the back door at the end but didn't get the chance.


I absolutely love her new album "Speak Now" almost better then "Fearless""



Anyone like her in here?

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I go to see her March 22nd. >.<


oooooo you will be seeing her before me then, enjoy.


I'm going to go see Taylor in Concert June 21st!!!! in Buffalo, NY from her World Tour!!!


oooo yay


got tickets for the 29th of march, Manchester Men arena :D

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Have fun Andrea, she is a joy to listen to and I love her outfits she changes a lot I hear through the concert


I'm going to try and get backstage passes ::fingers crossed and holds breath:: lol


It would be Enchanting to meet her :)

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