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I Love Her so much, Went to her concert when she came to Rochester. I almost met her at the back door at the end but didn't get the chance.

I absolutely love her new album "Speak Now" almost better then "Fearless""

Anyone like her in here?
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[quote name='Hermione' timestamp='1289339713' post='7770']
I go to see her March 22nd. >.<

oooooo you will be seeing her before me then, enjoy.

[quote name='Katie20' timestamp='1290611348' post='13966']
I'm going to go see Taylor in Concert June 21st!!!! in Buffalo, NY from her World Tour!!!

oooo yay

got tickets for the 29th of march, Manchester Men arena :D
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Have fun Andrea, she is a joy to listen to and I love her outfits she changes a lot I hear through the concert

I'm going to try and get backstage passes ::fingers crossed and holds breath:: lol

It would be Enchanting to meet her :)
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