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What Do You Say To Who's On Your Mind

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I'm very frustrated with you. I feel cast off to the side.

And if it's a matter of perception, I'm sure my story is plenty old news.

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I know you've got a lot going on and you probably need your own space... but it would be nice if you gave me a heads up every once in a while, so I know whether I need to really worry about you or whether you're doing better. Yeah, I know I'm not one to talk, but I can't read minds.

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Please, do not send me an e-mail asking me where your finished product is. I got up extra early (5:30am) to transfer my notes onto an electronic document. You hired me last Thursday and de-briefed and gave me the paperwork on Friday. There was no way I could get a chapter completed in two days; I am thorough about what I do. The final product was already two and a half weeks overdue, you can't fault me for spending a couple extra days reviewing and drafting up a revised second copy.

*exasperated sigh*


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