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  1. (In Lieutenant Dan's voice) "Jennay"
  2. I think the most recent address is in this topic: http://forum.emma-watson.net/index.php?/topic/3798-contact-emma-watson/
  3. If you have ever been in a college class online, you know all about them discussion boards. Every so often (usually every week or every other week,) you have to post a reply to some sort of question or discussion regarding a topic that you were covering on that particular week. And if you are like me, and a very slow typer, you know that those discussion boards can get very frustrating, especially if there is a minimum word count associated with them. A quick way that I learned how to get through them is to use your smart phone. If you notice, on the keyboard of the smart phone, there is a l
  4. Dook nailed it on the head. If you notice, during every presidential election, on the top of the screen or somewhere on the screen, whether you're watching it on television, or streaming it online, you will see the amount of electoral college votes that each candidate has, as well as how many they need to win the election (it is usually 270.) The general population is NOT part of the electrotal college, therefore our votes literally mean nothing.
  5. Well....who do you think? Does it even matter? As for my thoughts, I don't think our votes matter because it's the electoral college votes that matter, not the general population. So why vote?
  6. So, the main reason why you want to go to an actual University vice going to a community college is for buffing up your resume. Most employers want to see a degree from an actual accredited University because they think that a degree from an actual university has more weight than a degree from a community college. Sadly enough, most employers that see a community college degree on your resume will immediately pass you up for an interview.
  7. Well, I don't know why, but I'm just now noticing this lol. Silly me. The identical topic is here: http://forum.emma-watson.net/index.php?/topic/1905-favourite-subject/ started by Jade.
  8. No we can't...nobody here in the forum knows her personal contact information, nor does she come onto the forum. The only way to contact her is to send her fan mail to her fan mail address: Emma Watson Markham, Froggatt, & Irwin 4 Windmill Drive London W1T 2HZ UK
  9. I'm sorry, but you're looking in the wrong place if you're looking for her specifically. She doesn't come on the forum.
  10. So just an update, I have changed schools and I have changed my major to Business Administration with a focus in Finance. I feel like I'll enjoy it more and it's much easier. And once I get my bachelor's in Business, I'm thinking about double-majoring with my 2nd degree in Mathematics.
  11. I think this should be closed. Not necessarily a topic to be discussed....
  12. 5/10 Human Anatomy (at my school it was considered Advanced Biology)
  13. Ah, so it seems as if you are looking for the mathematics knowledge and nothing else. For starters, may I suggest looking up Khan Academy. It's free of charge and you can learn basically any type of mathematics that you may need to at your own pace. Sal is the name of the guy who produces all of the videos and I have learned a lot from this guy.
  14. This is certainly a shocking and tragic thing. My prayers go out to his family for sure.
  15. I'm a support manager at my local Wal-Mart...and I'm a drilling Reservist in the Army
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