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  1. i think rupert and emma would be great together, and they have been seen together alot lately. plus emma said she needed a "ron-type" guy in her life, and thats rupert def. cause he's just like Ron. so i think they are secretly dating.
  2. i totally agree with you, kristen, those are the best scenes. but i do love the 7 potters aftermath hug, so sweet. you can tell she really does love him. and yes dh will be the death of me too, i cant wait 7 months, dear god, especially to see ron and hermione finally a couple onscreen, omg no i must have that now!!! rupert and emma are da bomb when it comes to chemistry, so you know i cant wait.
  3. Ballet Shoes is very good. i loved it!!
  4. kudos to you kristen, she can do any role, she's phenomenonal!!
  5. the latest news! Rupert was seen at a diner near Emma's flat! So maybe romantic is def going on between them?!
  6. i cant wait to see her in this new movie!!! i know she will be great.
  7. I know there are so many good rhr moments in dh, but i think the kiss will the best def!! no question. my favorite rhr moments in dh so far: 1. piano scene 2. hug scene after seven potters 3. malfoy manor 4. ron's splinched scene 5. at the wedding when they run to each other 6. Ron's return and the "light in the heart" speech 7. holding hands while sleeping scene
  8. hey cbmac12, i was emmagrint, but i had to change my screenname cause i cant remember my password, im now emma's#1fan. look me up and we can chat, especially if your a big R/E shipper, i def am. Im also Britt Leverett on Facebook.
  9. Oh there's def something going on between them now. If there's not, then they sure are flirting alot. Those two have great chemistry and you can tell they are exceptionally close. I think there's something they are not telling us. I hope if they are secretly together, they say soon!!! those two are the cutest couple ever!! There's too much evidence for them not to be together.
  10. If i met Emma: First, i would scream or go silent. 2. I give her a hug and say"its so nice to meet you finally." 3. Go hang out and talk with her about life, her career, and what not in a cafe or restaurant somewhere. 4. Interview her about anything and everything. 5. Ask her to sign something. 6. Say goodbye with a pic and hug. what about you guys?
  11. I hope she was in love with Rupert!!! those two would make a cute couple!!
  12. Would you make out with Rupert and Dan to meet Emma?
  13. Has anyone found any pics of Rupert and Emma as 36 and 37 Ron and Hermione Weasley?
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