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  1. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP! I'm back! Again! Hehe how are the good ole forums?
  2. HEHEHEHE you shush. Ahaha aww thanks so much! Yeah apparently at one time NYU was voted #1 Dream School haha pretty swell. Yep! Anna! :] Thank you! Haha seriously I've lost track of how many forums we've gone through. That username sounds super familiar!! Daww thanks so much. =] HAHAHA thanks for making me feel ANCIENT! haha so strange though dude. I remember becoming a mod when I was THIRTEEN. Now I'm 20. Holy shnikes. Ahahaha awww thanks Karen. Yeah, you should start a Quidd team at your school if you don't have one!! Best thing ever! Thank you! =] OH DONNA AND J
  3. Once upon a time on the old forums I was a Super Mod, and I used to be here every stinkin' day. And now I've lost touch. Just wanted to say sorry and that a part of me does miss you all. And I wonder if any of you even remember me. I know Erik still keeps up with my YouTube (Thanks, dear!). I'm in my second year of college at NYU right now, studying theatre, and am the secretary of our Quidditch team, which has come to mean a lot to me. I've been loving life and I hope you all are doing just as well these days!! I don't promise to become more active, but I wanted to pop in and say hello
  4. The other day I visited the site of the 2011 Quidditch World Cup! Randall Island in New York City. Last year there were 4 fields, this year there will by 9. Last year there were 46 teams, this year there will be 80. IT'S GONNA BE SO SICK! I'm pretty sure it's November 12-13. Anyone who can be in the NYC area around then SHOULD COMMME! it's gonna be so tight.
  5. hahahaha I knooow that's what I was thinking too. That's semi-ridiculous. 3 points? bahaha what teacher would do that? XD
  6. I don't know how many times I've heard people say that "Ten points to Gryffindor!" story. Truly, it's probably not true. That'd be pretty tactless of a professor unless it was an intimate and casual class.
  7. Does anyone know what majors are not offered at Brown? I can find lists of their majors, but not of their not-majors. Bwahaha. I know Emma was interested in English, History, and Environmental Sciences, but Brown has all of those. Do you suppose she's considering film? Maybe even fashion or fashion journalism?
  8. Got a text from E! News this morning about this! Aaahhhhh!!!
  9. I just heard the hearts of dozens of my classmates break, including my own. XD Glad she's found that she can return to her studies though. :]
  10. At 0:22 when she says "together" her accent has definitely been hybridized with American! Yeah, she's probably losing it a little bit, but I'm sure it'll never be gone. It's a bit good that her voice is becoming accustomed to an American accent since she'll be in Perks. XP
  11. Not true in land quidditch, haha, snitch is only worth 30 points in that case. I voted beater, because I play beater. I always thought I'd want to be a keeper, but I just suck at it ahahaha.
  12. WHOOP WHOOP! I was there. Here's some pictures my friend took on her amazing camera: ^Me and some of the quid team with Evanna. I'm at the very top of the pyramid haha jumped into the pic last second. ^Hahaha I just thought this was too great. Also, can i just say that I was the first audience member to ask a question? Ahaha. I [basically] asked them if they'd heard of Muggle Quidditch and which position they would play. They forgot to answer the which position part, but Nat Tena and Ginny were so baffled at how it is possible to actually play quidditch ahahaha. And then Bonnie me
  13. Aahhh! I was there! I was using an absolutely horrid camera though, so i won't bother posting pictures. But I had a really good spot (considering I got there only an hour and a half before it started, and none of the stars really signed many autographs, if any). Talked to Helen McCrory (Narcissa) briefly afterwards though, she said the Exhibition is AMAZING! I'm going tomorrow morning, I'm so stoked!
  14. Is that really a short film? Ahahaha it's just 2 clips of him looking like he's more than aware of how attractive he is. XD
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