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  1. Reminiscing about the time I spent here.
  2. I've noticed that I have not been dreaming much recently.... namely because my slumber involves intoxication.
  3. I found a store near me that sells siopao... needless to say my fridge is stocked to the top with them!
  4. Just sent a letter to be mailed to a very good friend abroad. Quite a long one too...
  5. Having a dark beer at the pub... not doing what I'm supposed to do.
  6. What usually happens whenever I want to have q night to myself at home: a friend calls me up and wants to have a beer. So I'm at the pub again... Having a Guinness.
  7. A cup of coffee and a cigarette after breakfast. I know what you mean but it seems that more and more people say that they "smoke only when they drink" or are "social smokers". A habit is a habit; addiction is a different story but there are tell-tale signs even when someone says they're not addicted.
  8. Robin Hood (2010) I actually quite liked it contrary to what I was told.
  9. ^_- I'm not going to say a word. ----- As much as I didn't want to, I'm finishing up my rather productive Sunday at my usual pub. On my laptop here as well figuring out possibly working abroad.
  10. Just got off a 4am shift at my 2nd job. About to try to enjoy the rest of my "day off".
  11. The Midnight Q


    Extremely stressed out.
  12. In bed having a beer after a night of cleaning and rearranging my furniture.
  13. Some steaks, mushrooms, and a six-pack of Newcastle beer.
  14. Browsing Pinterest for ideas on how to redo the bed/office area of my studio apartment.
  15. Be where I want to be in my career be happy with it own my own business meet Jade be happy with life
  16. The Midnight Q


    Stressed out as F even though I shouldn't be.
  17. Having a couple beers with friends trying to have a weekend. I hope that I can get caught up on work this weekend. ...then again I wish I had weekends...
  18. The Midnight Q


    Stressed out about one thing and worried about another.
  19. Woke up and got ready Brewed some coffee Smoked a cigarette Walked to work Made more coffee Worked some more Went out for a smoke break Drank more coffee Smoked a cigarette Took my lunch (last night's leftover pasta) Had another cigarette Worked a bit more Stressed out about falling behind on some of my work <- deadlines... deadlines are a bitch. Left the office and had a cigarette Walked home and changed into workout clothes Took my bike the gym for fencing practice Coached my students Rode my bike back home Smoked another cigarette and went upstairs to take a shower Made and ate dinner No
  20. Making dinner and reading Superfreakonomics
  21. I got to meet some of the members of Eluveitie last night! I had a good conversation with them and they were actually quite the pleasure to talk to. Chrigil Glanzmann Anna Murphy Nicole Ansperger ... I think I'm in love hahaha
  22. From last night's show I got to see Metsatoll Tyr (Saw them earlier in the year when they were touring with Children of Bodom) Eluveitie Eluveitie is freakishly incredible live!
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