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  1. Really nice your asking for suggestions! I always wondering what memorable gifts she's received from fans over the years? What sticks out to her the most? What was most special?
  2. I think she might have left Emma's site
  3. Deathly Hallows part 2 premiere & after party, didn't get a chance to speak to her though she was very busy with friends and family at the after party. A delight.
  4. I'm attending as well. Hope to see her there. I've seen her once before, illuminated the room.
  5. We'd love to see, please scan or take a photo
  6. What about the location? What if your far from family and friends? What about the weather? The majors? The choice of classes? The other students there? What about the close ratio of 9 students per professor? What about the scholarship? The tuition? If this person don't consider any of that, and just focuses on meeting Emma it might just be a waste/terrible 4 years. They might also take away a chance from a student who applied because they chose Brown as a whole. I can think of a lot of worse case scenarios than "you get a great education."
  7. Apply because of the school, not because of who's in it.
  8. Real Madrid, they've done so well so far. Second choice Ajax...
  9. Vouching for Atletico Madrid... also loving Napoli.
  10. Scar

    BoMa Graphics

    Gorgeous. Hoping for more Emma icons.
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