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  1. Best Trustworthy / Loyal Kind Caring personality Honest Down to earth Smart (I think) Interested in many things Worst Very quiet Shy Self conscious I'm almost always thinking negative Very low self confidence I don't know what to talk about with people I'm not very close to That's about it
  2. flz


    I love her voice, her songs and her lyrics. My favourite song of her would be "Rolling in the Deep", besides the lyrics I think it's very catchy and I really love the tempo of this song. We could have it alllllllll Rollinnnng in the deeeeeeeeep You had my heart inside your haaand But you played it with a beating And yes she is cute too.
  3. flz

    I Miss

    I miss childhood.
  4. Google, though I usually go straight to DevianArt or on a ps3 website.
  5. *puts his jealousy aside* I'll admit that my first thought was like "what a bastard", but yeah I'm really glad for her and I hope she will be happy with him
  6. ^ Same Had so much fun playing on splitscreen with my brother today.
  7. re-watching videos from the premiere and thinking about how amazing it would have been to be in London tonight instead of being stuck at home...
  8. I'd probably start by traveling to England, visit London and maybe even moving there if I can. Then I'll go to Paris (never been there even though it's my capital city), to Canada, go on a road trip across the USA from east to west, from New York to Las Vegas and San Francisco, I would also explore the pyramids of Egypt, the great wall of china, go to Japan, India, to Australia eventually. And I'm quite a loner but if a good friend of mine wishes to join me I'd definitely take him/her with me and pay for him/her.
  9. Actually I would return the question, is it weird not to care about your birthday? When I was young I cared about it but now it's just another day for me. However I always celebrate the birthdays of those who are close to my heart.
  10. flz

    In my pants

    I'll stand by you in my pants.
  11. Banned because of the global warming.
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