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  1. Been MIA, but I'm back again. HARRO.

  2. Haha it's okay, I was messing.


  4. I'z back. Check your inbox, friend :)

  5. I updated my photography thread. Pennsylvania finally got snow. :3

  6. I've been doing pretty much nothing xD but it's all good...nothing what I do best. I go back to school this weekend D: ughh. I'm pretty sure we had a longer winter break than most colleges in PA, but it went by so fast. -.-

  7. Just letting you know I haven't forgotten you D:

  8. I finally replied. CHECK TEH PM. :D

  9. Oh, yeah definitely! I made so many friends through the cf on my campus. I actually didn't start making friends till I went there, but everyone is amazing! The first time I went these two girls introduced me to so many people there :D

  10. I'm not sure because...I didn't go. I discovered the christian fellowship on my campus right after they got back from fall retreat XD

  11. Your panda sig is sooooo cute!!! >.< Just thought I'd tell you that haha.

  12. HEYYYYY!!!!!!!!! :D

    I followed you on Tumblr! But you don't have to follow me back because I hardly post stuff haha.

  13. This is my very first status :')

  14. If it does, then that'll be the end...of the thread. No kidding.

  15. I do know how good the internet is here! xD Grow up in Uganda and you'll never complain about your internet again haha.

  16. Your internet seems pretty stupid today D:

  17. OHAY I came back! Check messages. :3

  18. It was alright, not something I would do all the time though. I have HP sauce with almost everything (when it's there).

  19. I will! That description that you gave made it sound really good actually xD

    I had Ketchup and rice today for the first time.

  20. Never tried pineapple in my mac and cheese. Do you do that? I sounds interesting. I have pineapples with salt though.

  21. Well it was in a...pot thingy...and I was getting some of it into the bowl and the way I was holding the handle made my wrist go funny for a few hours.

  22. Umm...why were you shouting? I hurt my wrist serving myself mac and cheese O.o

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